What is a Refurbished Laptop and Should I Buy it?

Are you planning to save some extra dollars and get a laptop with equivalent powerful specs, models, and technology? Have you considered a reconditioned/refurbished laptop then?

Refurbished laptops are different from what many people ponder, saying that they are usually used ones. These are simply those machines which are always available from the concerned manufacturer like from Laptop Direct/Outlets.

It doesn’t mean that these are totally fresh, but they are not abused and are returned to the manufacturers or sellers.

You can consider buying them if you want an affordable rate as several come in 25% more discounts than their original rates.

What is a refurbished laptop?

These are the laptops that are considered new or A-graded when they are returned shortly by their previous owners. There can be various reasons that make these returns possible, like some scratches some minor issues making it B-graded ones.

However, these systems go through with detailed testing/ repairing of any damaged part related to a hardware or a software level, categorically referred to as C-graded laptops.

These are also those systems that you experience checking when you visit a store. They have undergone major inspections and necessary replacements. Their performance is ensured before you can actually buy them.

Some examples of refurbished laptops include:

  1. Apple’s Macbook 12-inch for $1,099 with a one-year warranty.
  2. Dell’s XPS 13 for $739 with a single year warranty.

Therefore, if you want updated models, refurbished laptops may not suit you. Some authentic brand retailers might sell the latest versions also.

Should I buy a Refurbished laptop?

If you have a tight budget and you desire for as good as a new laptop, then a refurbished laptop is not a bad deal at all.

There are several benefits of purchasing a refurbished one; among which the topmost is the low price which is an eye-catcher for anyone who wants to save. Refurbishers ensure that the tested laptop is running efficiently and is clean from all sorts of cosmetic issues.

So, you will be getting your hands on a system that has been thoroughly examined, including its RAM, Hard drive, connectors, capacitors, and other needed components. These are equipped with all the latest updations, and their life will be long enough to manage your routine tasks.

Hence, you must get your refurbished laptop from some reputable seller so that you don’t have to panic about the installations, software problems, or any such kind of issues in the future.

Where can I get my laptop refurbished?

In the world of the modern era, where everything is accessible at a single click, there are numerous sources through which you can select the appropriate option of getting a refurbished laptop.

Facebook marketplace, eBay, gumtree, apple marketplace, BestBuy websites, Amazon, etc., and many other social sites are present to get your wish fulfilled. These sites are flooded with most refurbished PC’s that describe their specs, model, design, price, and every other related data.

Where can I get my laptop refurbished

You can now make online transactions, and your selected refurbished laptop is some days far. You can also read related details before opting for the laptop.

How to tell if a laptop is refurbished?

Do you wonder if your laptop is new or refurbished and how you can check this out? There are some ways through which you can explore it like;

If you see the back of your laptop or battery allocation, a serial number is given. If it’s ending with R, then it is a refurb. You can also check it through the status from the manufacturer’s link or using the command prompt.

If your laptop is getting unexpectedly noisy, hot, shutdown, or has charging issues, these could indicate that it is not new or a refurb.

What is the risk of buying a refurbished laptop?

Refurbished laptops come in 2 forms, including a manufacturer or user refurbished. The user refurbished laptops are not reliable in terms of quality, whereas the manufacturer’s ones have gone through many checks to get them to tighten up to meet standards.

If you want more video/photo editing or gaming options and are looking for enough storage, it would be a risk for you to buy a refurbished laptop.

You must ensure that you check for details of the specs before purchasing a refurb laptop as they are usually an older generation of series than the latest ones.

Is there a warranty on a refurbished laptop?

One of the major concerns when a refurb laptop should be bought is that you track its warranty and go for a laptop with at least one year of warranty available.

Some of these laptops come with a warranty of 90 days, but it is recommended that the warranty should not be taken from the seller, and you can ask the manufacturer for more information in this regard.

The category of the refurbished laptop with the device lifetime period also determines the warranty strength. The standard warranty timeline of a few sellers is mentioned in the following table:

Refurbished laptop warranty companies

Frequently Asked Question:

  • What is the meaning of a refurbished laptop?
  • A refurbished laptop is the one that has been returned due to some possible issues faced by the owner like minor scratches, internal configuration settings, battery timing, display problems, or the person changed the decision after unboxing the laptop.
    These laptops are then cleaned and repaired, they are passed through several tests, and after close monitoring, they are sold again at low prices.
    They are usually under the manufacturer’s upgrade criteria, so they are best for those who admire saving.

  • Is it Safe to Buy a Refurbished laptop?
  • Yes, if you do your research correctly and get your refurb laptop from an authentic and reputed source, then it is of no doubt that the risk of purchasing an unsuitable laptop is very less.
    There is a need to check the warranty, certified and refurbished differences, and getting it in a desirable shape.
    It must also be noticed that there will be some lacking in perfections in design, lifespan, and consistency when you buy a refurbished laptop.

    How long does a battery on a refurbished laptop last?

    It is an important aspect to know that refurb laptops’ battery life will be less compared to the new ones. They will decrease with time and is degraded.
    A test conducted on the Dell refurbished laptops ensured their battery timing of 1.5 hours at a minimum and expected more for some other models.
    However, in terms of lifespan, the refurb laptops usually last for 2-3 years and some stay for 5 years, suggestively.


    Refurbished laptops are convenient for people who think one step ahead and believe in saving some money, waiting for their targeted model to come.

    Various testing and updations performed on the refurbished laptops make them the center of attraction for people who look for trustworthy machines. It is vital that an authentic source monitoring and details estimation is made properly before getting the refurbished laptop in your hand.

    Thus, you cannot expect the best from refurbished laptops, but they are not behind in numerous areas, as discussed in this article. The need is to know your current aims.

    Noor ul Qamar

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