Are Samsung Laptops Good? Let’s Find Out

Are you wondering about Samsung Laptops and their best features? We can help you decide about Samsung Laptops.

People who use laptops worldwide are approximately 80% as per the latest records, having their own needs. Laptops are a need of this era, whether it’s for a student or a businessman. However, finding a reliable brand for accomplishing your daily targets is a matter of concern.

Samsung has earned its name because they are much cheaper, faster, portable, color variant and intelligent compared to the other existing brands. People want quality and affordable rates, and Samsung is targeting its audience for these two factors by improving and enhancing their technological support for the customers.

Although many people are not Samsung fans, its amazing qualities like premium designs, touch screens, and appealing specs do not make it bad. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Plus are examples.

Are Samsung Laptops Good

Is Samsung a good laptop brand

In relevance to the brand’s rating, in 2022 this brand is making its mark by bringing more advancements and quality upgrades.

Notebook Odyssey is a powerful gaming laptop with commendable specs using RTX graphics. The price starting at $1999 is a bit more but is worthy of buying. Overall, Samsung has earned a lot of fame in smartphones and other areas, but they are also not bad laptops.

Earlier versions lacked good battery timing and models, but they improved like Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 turned out to be the best ARM (Advanced RISC Machines).


In spite of the fact that Samsung laptops aren’t unique and their design skills are lacking, their team is working on more redesigned features. They were previously ranked 70% in terms of design, but they now have some impressive designs that creative people would admire.

A few in the list are as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy Book Pro
  • Samsung Notebook 9 Pen
  • Samsung Chromebook 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 13 inch

With stellar designs, improved battery lives, flat and lightweight structures, Samsung laptops have gained popularity in 2022, and designs are classy.


Talking in terms of innovation about Samsung laptops, there are not many examples, but they have come up with the best Windows laptops that are available today.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro- Best Premium Touchscreen laptop is a thin line among the laptop and a tablet that has proved that the company can innovate more designs and in a much professional manner.The Samsung Galaxy Flex 15 is also introduced as the first QLED display making a mark in the innovation category of Samsung. It’s trackpad and built-in pen S is wonderful but nevertheless, there is always a room for improvement.


In terms of price there are numerous good enough Samsung laptops available in the market that are affordable easily like the Notebook Flash. You can get it at $350 with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. This is suitable for people who want to perform everyday tasks with good styling for your use.

Prices vary on the basis of your preferences. It can be Samsung – 15.6″ Chromebook for $249 among the cheaper of many to a few mentioned below with prices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Laptop
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Ion Laptop


Samsung’s quality is somehow the reason that this brand has made its mark in other productions effectively. Laptops are becoming better day by day in terms of quality. The Galaxy Book Flex 15 is a presentable example with superb quality of display and vivid design.

Its laptops QLED displays, slim designs, from Core i4 to 8th-gen Intel Core i7 chip, quality is not less than the others. For instance; Samsung Notebook 9 Pro, enables multitasking functionalities.

As a whole, there are chances that Samsung laptops can be termed better than other brands in the coming years in terms of their quality.


Samsung’s one downside has been noticed as its warranty, it provides less than other renowned brands in competition. This could be why many customers might not suggest buying Samsung laptops because they look for a good warranty.

The company provides a 1-year warranty like for Samsung Book Pro dealing with one major part. It is rarely heard that they have given 2 years or more as a warranty check for its clients.

It’s not a good approach and is deliberately a cause of people choosing and looking for other options. Therefore, Samsung needs to work on it.

Samsung Net Worth:

Samsung Net Worth

Samsung is ranked among 10 largest companies existing in Asia. It started its work in 1983 with its first computer and came out with The Sens 810 Notebook in 1996. It is considered among the best software companies around the world.

From there it continued its growth and innovation and in 2011 Premium Series 9 Notebook and Series 6 laptops came into existence. Samsung’s net worth as per the record of year 2021 is approximately $550 billion and is earning a turnover of around $250 billion.

It is running many other businesses, which helps it to flourish each day.

Is Samsung a good laptop?

Samsung laptops have not made a mark in people’s views due to the factors above. However, we see that the company is making progress and coming up with some best versions for their customers.

Yes, there are many excellent and profound Samsung laptops in terms of pricing, design and quality. A list of some useful and top Samsung laptops that will grasp your attention in 2022 is shared below for you.

  • Galaxy Book Ion – Suitable for work use
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha– Amazing Touchscreen
  • Galaxy Chromebook – A Budgeted one

For Programming

Several factors are considered when a laptop is selected for programming purposes. These include:

  1. Fast and reliable processing time like 5GHz or more.
  2. Storage of 256GB SSD.
  3. 8GB RAM at least.
  4. 1080p resolution.
  5. Good battery timing.
  6. An appropriate screen size of approximately 13 to 15 inches.

Samsung laptops support these important aspects. However, specs may vary for each purchase depending on the type of programming tool to use or the work carried out from the laptop.

Some useful Samsung laptops are designed to fulfill many tasks but specifically benefit coders Like Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha, Book Pro, Notebook 9 PRO.

Each has its own pros and cons. The need is to satisfy the programmer who can work on multiple programs using various languages. Samsung laptops for programming enhances work efficiency as well.

For Gaming

Samsung has launched some of its gaming laptops which have made their place, though it cannot be totally agreed that they are the best for gaming.

If you are a pro-gamer, then Samsung Notebook 9 is for you. Its Comes with UHD graphics and 512GB of SSD storage. The price is around $1599 and has 16GB of RAM.

Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z is supportively good for a mid-range gamer with a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics chip and 256GB SSD.

If you are using Samsung’s other amazing products, it will not be wrong to say that you will be satisfied with their laptops for gaming. A few such laptops are:

  • Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey
  • Samsung NP940X5N-X02US

A good gaming laptop is one that supports great performance and requires a fast processor, HD resolution, and a reliable GPU. Therefore, Samsung laptops are fair enough for gaming.

For Work

Samsung laptops as discussed earlier have their own pace and are developing and improving with every coming model. A person who needs to carry out simple work tasks or a small-scale business can use these laptops and buy them at a good cost.

People who desire to have some additional work taken from their laptops using more advanced technological specs, improved quality, and a good warranty time period may look for some other brand than Samsung, in terms of laptops.

Various laptops are used in terms of business Like Galaxy Book pro, S, and Ion.

Thin, light-weight designs of Samsung laptops make them portable. Though it will not be wrong to say that Samsung has earned much fame through its smartphones, it has a way to make it to the top in terms of Laptops.

For Video Editing/AutoCAD

Video editing is becoming popular and a need of the hour. Ten years old may desire to edit his/her video into something presentable, apart from phones there are also many video editing and AutoCAD supporting laptops available.

In order to carry out video editing like a pro, you desire to have laptops that can provide a variety of special effects and transform a regular 4K video into a high-quality one. Sharper and powerful graphics display makes it all worth it.

Samsung laptops are not in the top race to support such AutoCAD, but they support graphics and editing capabilities. However, the Samsung Galaxy Books series have made its name so far.

You can use Samsung Book pro, and Book Flex 2 Alpha For Video Editing Which are good laptops for video editing providing the best screen resolutions and other needed specs. But, Samsung Laptops are not recommended for video editing.

For Students/College

In terms of use for the students, it is a straight Yes declaring that Samsung has all the required features that a college-going or a school-going student would want. So, these laptops are good enough for them.

The processing power, memory capabilities, battery strength, smart structure, portability, cost, and multi-tasking structure is supported by Samsung laptops.

A few of the best laptops by Samsung that are relatively amazing in use for the students are:

  • Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Touchscreen
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Intel Evo Platform
  • Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4

These laptops have highlighted attributes for students to go for them, from an effective display screen to sufficient RAM and storage. The touchscreen facility in Samsung Notebook 9 Pro makes it more demanding among students.

It can be rated as the best for school or college students, with good battery, power, and flexibility.

For Photo Editing

As discussed earlier in video editing, Samsung laptops are far in competition for doing the best photo editing. Though, it is ranked number 6 in the top 10 companies’ laptops for producing good edited pictures.

A good Samsung laptop that can be used for this purpose is Samsung Galaxy Book Pro. Its long battery timing makes it the best to buy. It provides 1080p representation and supports HD resolutions for images.

The 5.6-inch AMOLED screen helps produce DCI-P3 color at a 100 % rate and its built-in sensors fulfill an editor’s desires by automatically adjusting the brightness of your screen. You can now continue to make and edit your photos in daylight.

Another major advantage of using Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is that it can be set up with i5 to i7 CPU’s and supporting 8GB of RAM provides enough room to edit and save and then resave as desired.

Are Samsung laptops good or bad?

It is of no debate to say that Samsung laptops are bad, they have made their mark through their cost, supporting specs, structure, portability, flexibility, easy-to-go properties.

A rating of various laptop brands in various terms of use has been summoned down below graphically:

Samsung has been working on bringing betterment by means of its customer’s outcomes, so it provides a series of good and amazing quality-oriented laptops as time passes. It lacks innovation, warranty, and some specific means because it is not followed by more mass than other brands.

Major examples of Samsung laptops are already discussed. Their developing laptops are catering to the needs of the users. They have their own purposes of formation and it will not be wrong to say that these are generic and smart laptops and are suitable to those who can see that their needs are settled through them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Samsung Chromebook a good laptop?

This Chrome OS laptop has some pros and cons. It has been asked whether the Chromebook is good to use or not so, the answer is it is satisfactory to use but is not much reliable enough.

It’s come with an amazing screen, stylus, design, and battery timing makes it worth using, but its price, issues during active apps, and no proper cooling can cause some problems.

In a nutshell, you can opt for another option if you want to multitask. It’s a Good Laptop for school-going students.


Samsung Electronics, a South Korean company is among the topmost electronics brand and covers many US patents. Its laptops are used by people who desire to achieve good designs and prices.

These laptops are gaining popularity with growing specs and are reliable for students. Although, its features are not enough for gaming, photo, and video editing; a few series have made their mark in the field of programming.

Therefore, with the urge of becoming better in areas where people are not much attracted to it, there will come a time when Samsung laptops will set a benchmark for others.

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