How to connect a tablet to the internet without wifi?

The world has just become a global village where you can communicate and share your everyday ongoings easily by means of digital connection. Internet being the major source in this exchange of thoughts, ideas and information, has become a necessity in everyone’s life worldwide.

A student in his early studies, a growing child, house-based workers, officials, and everyone around us is surrounded by either smartphones, laptops, or tablets that work on Wi-Fi.

In this article, we will discuss how we can use the internet on tablets if there is no Wi-Fi available.

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Ways to connect to the internet without WiFi

Connect Tablet to the internet without WiFi:

There are many cases when the internet is not available, but people continue their social media and browsing activities on their phones and laptops through hotspots and other such means.

However, many people are not aware of the fact that you can use the internet on a tablet through other sources, which are mentioned below:


There are various methods to serve the purpose mentioned above, among which the most commonly used are explained in detail. These methods ensure successful results and are used by many people all over.

1. USB Tethering Cable:

This is a way to connect your computer and tablet to the same network by using a tethering cable.

Both Windows-based and Android supporting tablets are present with this supporting feature and enable you to get connected to the internet without using proper Wi-Fi.

So, using the active connection available on your laptop or PC you can perform this tethering by just connecting a USB cable and sharing the network with your tablet.

For this, you can look for the USB tethering option available in the network settings of your tablet.

2. Ethernet cable to USB C type:

Ethernet cable to USB C type

Another way to make this internet connection successful is to use an ethernet cable connecting it to the C type USB or in other words, we can use a network interface card connected one end to the router and another end to the USB with C type making it possible to have the internet on your tablet.

Modern tablets like those of Samsung support the use of Dongles, which work similarly and need no application program installation beforehand.

You can do this with the help of an ethernet cable and connect the dongles with tablets by using USB with C form, and you are good to go. This method is considered to be the best in terms of its convenience.

These dongles are a quick purchase from Amazon, eBay, etc.

3. Mobile Data:

Mobile Data

If you have no source of Wi-Fi for your tablet, another method you can use to get it is through mobile data. Yes! You read it right with your SIM card.

It is only when the tablets are advanced and support 3G or 4G facilities. There are many tabs available today in the market which have their own slot for SIM insertion which is a built-in area for SIM insertion.

Keep this in mind as providing an additional SIM slot for these tablets will be expensive in their prices. You can either get a new SIM with an internet package and insert it into your tablet or you can use your phone’s SIM and no need to get a new one.

The process takes very little time and is done immediately after your SIM is in your tablet. If your tablet does not support it, you should go for the other two choices mentioned above.

Other way to connect internet on tablet:

One other way can be utilized when none of the three methods mentioned above suits you well.

These include Bluetooth tethering, which is a very user-friendly means of getting internet on your tablet.

You will need a smartphone or a laptop (as all are now present with Bluetooth facility) and through Bluetooth, on the tablet, the internet can be shared by doing Bluetooth tethering option.

It is a suitable option, especially when traveling; however, it may not offer fast internet speed.

Can you use internet on tablet without Wi-Fi?

Yes! There are majorly four ways through which it is possible that even when there is no Wi-Fi, you can manage to have the internet on the tablet.

For learning more about them, you must read the article in detail. These ways are explained and you can see whichever suits you the best.

How to Get internet on a tablet without wifi – Conclusion:

Internet, the major medium of communication and transfer of knowledge, has become a part of our daily lives. People subscribe to various packages on their phones to use this facility if they do not have Wi-Fi.

Tablets similarly can also be connected to the internet even if Wi-Fi is not present. This can be achieved through different methods, like, Mobile data, cable tethering, using dongles and routers, etc.

It depends on the need of the person who wants to use the internet on the tablet and at what cost and speed. Therefore, it is not impossible to use the internet on tablets without Wi-Fi.

This article discusses the various methods that are all applicable and successful to their extent, and you can learn about them once you go through the details. If you have SIM slots on your tablets, then go for the data connection option. If not, you can buy dongles or use cable or Bluetooth tethering choices.

I hope this article helped you with your confusion.

Noor ul Qamar

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