Xbox One S VS Gaming laptop: Comparison [Which one is Better]

Are you confused between an Xbox one s or a gaming laptop? Then you might have known that there are various gaming options today, thanks to the tech world. Currently, gaming laptops, consoles, and even mobile devices are available for playing games.

The Xbox One S and the gaming laptop are both good for gaming, but the Xbox is the best.

However, I think the gaming laptop and the XBOX have their own space and needs. But if you are only searching for a device to play games on, this debate will be helpful.

In this article, we intend to share with you the comparison between these two so that the buyer can clearly understand where to invest and what to buy.

What is an Xbox one S?

Before we start the comparison, let us share a few details about the Xbox one S model. The Xbox One S is a gaming console model released in 2016, and now it is becoming trendy mainly because of its design.

Unlike most Xbox models, it has been crafted as a tiny gaming console compared to others. So that you may take it wherever you want; however, it is not as light as a gaming laptop.

It comes with an AMD processor, and just like any gaming Laptop, it is highly reliable, with eight processing cores. A 500GB to 1TB storage option and 8GB DDR3 RAM.

You can buy various versions and bundles of Xbox one S, each with different games. As far as the display is concerned, it has been designed with a 4k UHD Bluray display.

Why a gaming laptop?

A gaming laptop is a pretty wide term, and now we have various types of gaming Laptops manufactured by several companies except Apple.

We cannot tell you in a few simple words what a gaming laptop is. However, it is very obvious that a gaming laptop can be a bigger option for gamers.

Xbox One S or gaming laptop; which is better?

Now, the main question of this article is about the better option. To be honest, we cannot claim any of these are better options.

Let us see why Xbox is or is not better than a gaming laptop.

Xbox One SGaming Laptop
RAM8GB8GB, 16GB & 32 GB +
Storage1TB1TB +
GamingBest For Gaming :)Good For Gaming

Which one of these comes with more storage?

Professional and advanced games cover a lot of space. When you buy an Xbox, chances are that you will need to restrict yourself to specified storage. So, the gamers might need to delete the already available games and install new ones. You will be unable to have several options simultaneously.

Other than Xbox, playstation has the option to increase storage. Here we are considering a gaming laptop. So if you have researched, you might know that several gaming laptop features can be upgraded. However, it does not mean that you can have unlimited storage for gaming laptops.

They are available with up to 2TB storage size. You can check out ASUS and ACER gaming laptops in this regard. Additionally, many gaming laptops with 1TB or lesser storage size come with upgradable storage, as they have slots. You might need to spend some money on this upgrade.

On the other hand, the Xbox comes with a maximum of 1TB of storage, which is also non-upgradable in many cases. Therefore, gamers who cannot help but try new games and avenues every other day must buy a gaming laptop instead of an Xbox.

RAM upgrade

You cannot enjoy an online game if there is minimum RAM. It is not only about running various functions but an online game too. However, there is a bit of confusion. I disagree with the people saying that you can upgrade the RAM of a gaming Laptop whenever needed, but an Xbox’s RAM is non-upgradable.

The question here is why you will need to upgrade the RAM. An Xbox would not need to function as anything other than a game. On the contrary, a laptop is needed for several other tasks. Therefore, this upgrade is a need.

That said, I believe that 8GB RAM in Xbox one S is satisfactory for gaming. However, it will not be as good as a gaming laptop with 16 or 32GB RAM. An 8GB RAM will not let you enjoy the same experience. So those who wish to have a fantastic gaming experience must go for the gaming laptops, as their RAM is upgradable, and you are not restricted to a specific RAM size.

Better GPU option

The Xbox One S comes with Radeon graphics, which is nowhere near a gaming laptop’s GPU. Here you get several options: change the GPU whenever you want, upgrade it, and get the best versions. Most gaming laptops come with NVIDIA GPU, with 6 to 8GB memory size. It clearly shows that the graphic processing unit of the gaming laptop is far better than the GPU of an Xbox.


Undoubtedly, a gaming laptop is far more competitive than the Xbox. You cannot send an email with an Xbox; however, there are several things that one can do with a laptop.

So if you are into other things, like editing videos, and graphic designing, then it is very important to get a gaming laptop.


What if there is a gaming competition at your school or college? What do you think should be a better option to win that competition? Of course, you cannot take the Xbox with you. Instead, it will be better to go for the gaming laptop. Similarly, there are several ways to use the laptop because of its portability.


The last thing, which is of great concern for people who cannot spend money after every other day on gaming devices, is the money. In the case of the Xbox, you don’t need to spend much money. However, for the laptops, the price ranges are above 1500 dollars for a good gaming laptop.

Cooling system

You might be surprised to know, but the cooling system of an Xbox is far better than that of a gaming laptop. This happens because the Xbox is only designed for gaming, and no other activity would be done through that device. Thus, its cooling system works perfectly.

Setting up

You do not need to connect the gaming laptop to any external device to make it work. It has everything to start with. On the contrary, to set up an Xbox, an output device is a must. You do need a monitor, a TV screen. For beginners, it is a hard thing, as they might be unable to know the right ports.

Additionally, you can have a jumble of wires and cables before the screen. Thus, it is a bit harder to set up an Xbox as compared to a gaming laptop.


Both the Xbox and gaming laptops are pretty great for gaming. But the added values make them a different choice for different occasions. For some people, the Xbox one S will be the finest option, but for some, a gaming laptop is the best. Whatever you choose, ensure that you have done this after careful analysis.


Noor ul Qamar

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