Dell XPS 15 vs. Surface Laptop 4: What’s the Difference

Laptops come in various specs and designs that may suit one person or the other by some means. The difference occurs at the time of selection of a laptop, and people put their needs ahead while choosing the best one.

In this article, we will be sharing details of two powerful laptops that are popular enough to be bought and are often compared with each other due to the features they possess.

These laptops are XPS 15 and Surface Laptop 4. Read the article fully to know about their RAM, storage capacities, battery timing, etc., and decide for yourself.

Dell XPS 15 Vs. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4: Comparison

Dell XPS 15Microsoft Surface Laptop 4
Preview:Dell XPS 15Microsoft Surface laptop 4
Display:15.6 Inches13.5 Inches
Storage:256GB SSD512 GB SSD
Processor:Core i5Core i5
GPU:Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 TiIntel Iris Xe Radeon RX Graphics
Battery Life:
Pros:+ Great Display
+ Overall High Performance
+ Good Trackpad & Sound Quality
+ Comfortable Keyboard
+ Eye-catching design
+ High Performance
+ Good Battery Life
+ Good Speakers & Stylish Design
+ Lightweight & High-Performance AMD
Cons: Is expensive.
No fingerprint reader or stylus.
Lackluster webcam
No Thunderbolt support
Slow SSD speeds
GPU could be improved


The brand determines the overall quality of the product you are going to purchase. Knowing a brand is equally important as knowing the origin of the device.

A brand’s name and recognition help in getting reviews for the particular laptop. The brand of XPS 15 is a very strong company of electronics which is Dell. This company, owned by Dell Technologies, is working hard to sell, and repair its computers being an American organization.

Talking about the Surface Laptop 4 is basically related to Microsoft surface as all the Surface Laptops are their fourth generated technology of computers. Originating from Microsoft, this brand is known worldwide.


Design matters when you want something appealing and interesting for yourself especially when you have worked hard to get it.

The two laptops are attractive and consist of good build quality. Specifying for the XPS 15 tends to become handier and more flexible enough due to the use of glass fiber at the right of keyboard space. As compared to the Surface laptop 4 the XPS 15 has its warmth set for the user.

There is no such bending etc. that can be noticed in these two systems and you can easily use and open its lids with a single hand of yours.

You can get the Surface laptop 4 in Matte Black and Platinum colors while the XPS 15 is using the sharper side of attention with its angles and uses a silver lid with either a black or white keyboard area.


Display properties are important to keep you happy with the quality of graphics, images, videos, or any other related content that you either see or work with on your laptops.

The display is a very crucial aspect to those who desire to have a good quality screen for their video editing, gaming, and alike activities.

The display for the Dell XPS 15 is 1920 x 1200 with 15.6 inches and an infinity edge with 500 nits power while for the Surface laptop 4 this is 2496 x 1664 with 15 inches. It has an IPS panel technology support and a 3:2 aspect ratio.


RAM is a basic part of any system for bringing up the performance of your device so that you can perform several tasks at a very fast speed.

The RAM support for the Surface Laptop 4 is variant with 8GB or 16GB or 32GB. You can work in accordance with your needs while getting a laptop among these.

In this case, RAM for the Dell XPS 15 is offered a step ahead and is present in 8GB or 16GB, or 32GB as well as 64GB.

It is a known factor that every system relies upon the working of RAM and its overall speed and performance. So, picking as per your requirement beforehand is indeed a smart decision.


Storage is needed every now and then to store important data or files, heavy videos, images, related material of matter, etc.

A high storage supporting system is the best for your future system demands and is helpful to achieve your targets without any tension of changing your laptop or getting additional storage.

Storage for the Surface Laptop 4 is available with 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB. For the Dell XPS 15 storage capacity is great and very high starting from 512GB with options of more in 1, 2, or 4 TB. Hence, the choice is in your hands and you can look upon other factors mentioned for your convenience.

Battery life:

The battery of any device is the key to which you can open all doors. If it is not working or is draining quickly then it is just creating chaos for you rather than allowing you to calmly do your work.

Battery timing for the surface laptop 4 is 47.4Whr with using an AMD processor can go for 17.5 hours while going with the Intel processor tends to work for 16.5 hours.

Talking about the Dell XPS 15 the battery timing is 13 hours and 20 minutes and is variant as per the display quality. Battery timing differs as per the applications and works being carried out on the laptops.


Both laptops are discussed in detail in the article above sharing their most useful and needed features. You can opt for the priority-based aspects that you look for when getting yourself a system.

Surface Laptop 4 can be portable as compared to Dell XPS 15. However, the great performance, RAM and high storage characteristics of the Dell XPS 15 (as stated earlier) makes it a must to be added to your wish list.

There is also fingerprint reading support by XPS 15, however, if you think that what you needed was also satisfied by Surface Laptop 4 then go for it.


Can you game on an XPS 15?

Yes, you can enjoy gaming on your Dell XPS 15 with a good quality and capacity GPU. The higher storage options supported by this laptop make it a glossy and solid device.

Can dell XPS 15 run without a battery?

Yes, this is truly possible to run your Dell XPS 15 without a battery, this is specifically when you are using your laptop plugged in with other peripheral devices and you don’t need it solely for your work.

Does dell XPS 15 have HDMI port?

Yes, the newer models support HDMI 2.0 ports. This is mostly asked as this port is very useful for making several connections and previous versions didn’t come with any support for such a port.

Is surface laptop 4 worth it?

The design and power that this laptop has come up with are tremendous, especially for students. It supports ergonomics.
However, the price of $1,299 can be expensive for those who are looking for a budgeted choice but once you get it’s totally worth the style.

Does surface laptop 4 have a thunderbolt?

No, this laptop does not give support for the Thunderbolt.
Although, this is not the case with this design the Titan Ridge-based chipset can be utilized for having a thunderbolt facility.

Can surface laptop 4 run Windows 11?

Surface laptops coming in Windows 10 can be upgraded easily to Windows 11 as per the latest technology. There are some versions that however are not compatible enough for this updating.
Similarly, some designs do support it also. This is not possible for Surface laptop 4 but 8th-gen Intel Core i5-8350U or i7-8650U processors devising machines can upgrade their Windows to 11 as per their latest desires.

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