How to record your screen on a Dell Laptop?

Is there a way to record the screen of your Dell laptop?

With the increasing number of remote and freelancing jobs, you may sometimes need to record your laptop screen.

In such situations, you will need a reliable tool or method for screen recording. I will share how to record your Dell laptop screen in this article. 

It’s very simple, but one should get a little software to make it even more convenient. 

1. Using OBS for screen recording 

The first on the list is “OBS,” also known as Open Broadcast software. It works fine with all operating systems, so using it for a Dell laptop is also feasible. 

One can easily try it for Apple laptops. 

Then another reason to have it is the affordability. You do not need to pay a single penny to use it. It’s completely free for anyone. 

The best thing about OBS is its versatility. You should not consider it a regular screen recorder. Instead, it can be taken as a video editor. Not only can the user record real-time audio and video, but they can also mix the audio and create new scenes. 

How to use OBS for a Dell laptop? 

Coming toward the main query. How will you use OBS? Here are the steps you must follow to install OBS. 

  • Well, all you need to do is download this free software from its original site. Search for the OBS site on google. 
  • Then select the option for “download.” 
  • There you will see the “auto-configuration” for a fast download. 
  • Then you need to set up the audio devices. It can be a microphone if you are recording for a gaming vlog or for the next interview. 
  • Then choose the type of video. It will be your desktop in this case. 

This is it, and these five simple steps are your way to record a good-quality screen. 

2. Using Bandicam for Screen Recording 


My next favorite is Bandicam. It is also a quick solution for screen recording. You can also have it on your mobile phone. 

Just like the OBS, it is also free software. So anyone, from professionals to school students, can use it. 

It offers several video recording formats. Thus catering to nearly all users. One of the amazing features of Bandicam is real-time drawing. You can use it for dual monitors too. It is everything that a vlogger and gamer will need. 

How to use Bandicam?

Now, the most important question; is how to use it for your laptop or PC. Well, worry not because that is also pretty easy. 

You must follow these simple steps to get Bandicam. 

  • Search for Bandi cam free screen recorder on google. 
  • Then on the very top of the homepage, you will see the option for “download”. 
  • Upon clicking that button, you will be taken to the link. 
  • Select download and the software will start installing on your PC. 
  • Now record the computer screen with Bandicam. 
  • Open the application, and you will see the option for screen recording. There you can choose a frame. For a full-screen record, you may select the option for the entire screen. Select if you want to hide the control bar or not. 
  • Once you are done with the recording, you should check the saved videos option, and there you will see files for recorded files. 
  • You may send this file anywhere you like. 

3. Using Windows 10 or 11 Screen Recorder

This sounds strange, but you can utilize this option when nothing else works for you. Gamers will find it very relieving. 

It is an in-built feature but not available in the other versions of windows. Therefore, the users must not expect anything extraordinary from it. For Dell laptops all Dell laptops come with Windows OS, so you can hopefully try this feature.

As it is a windows in-built screen recorder so you will not need to download it. Using it is simple and fast. 

How to use windows 10/11 screen recorder 

Xbox Gaming bar for Screen Record

Let us see how to un-tap this feature in Windows 10 and 11. 

  • There are two ways to access it: search for the Xbox game bar or press the windows button with G simultaneously. 
  • This pop-up window will feel very confusing. Worry not. Take a minute to read all the labels. 
  • Do not confuse the screen record button with the camera. I do not know why, but they have displayed it with a round recording button. So do not get confused. 
  • Once you start recording, on either side of your screen, there will pop up a widget showing that your screen is being recorded. 
  • To stop recording, you must close the widget. When you cross that widget, another widget will show you the recorded file. 
  • That is it, and you can now check the recorded video and edit it with any tool you like. 

4. Using chrome extension 

In case you don’t have windows 10, or the last option did not work for you. You can always try chrome extensions. It is the simplest way to get an exclusive feature without downloading the whole software. 

How to use a chrome extension for screen recording? 

It can be a hard task for a new laptop or PC user. Especially for the older folks who don’t understand this idea of chrome extensions. Well, here are a few simple steps to get a good chrome extension for your Dell laptop. 

  • Search for screen recorder extensions on google. It is better to read reviews before you settle for any. 
  • Then you must press the button to add the extension. 
  • Follow the instructions given on each step.
  • Remember that every chrome extension will have a different method to use. You must check on the chrome extension option available at the top of your google chrome window to operate. 
Browser Screen Recorder for Dell laptop

Final words 

Choosing a software or extension to screen record on a Dell laptop is easy. All you ought to do is find the most suitable option. Camtasia, Filmora Scrn, and CamStudio are a few more examples of screen recording software you could use on a Dell laptop to record screen.

The built-in feature will be the best if you’re Windows 10 user. While for professionals, other methods are more helpful. 

Ahmed Nouman

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