Is it possible to stream Twitch with 3G?

You’re new to gaming, right? Want to stream Twitch using 3G data? Can you do it? Let’s find out let.

When you try to stream on twitch through your phone’s internet connection is a bit tricky. You must expect different results. For some, it will be a complete no if they do not know the right method.

In this article, we intend to answer this commonly asked question, when any twitch user requires 3G mobile data for streaming?

What is the short answer?

In my expert opinion, a 3G network is not the best option for twitch streaming. It is possible that you can connect and run twitch software through the 3G network, but it will severely affect the results.

Anyone who is a professional video game streaming must not opt for it. However, in case of an emergency, then you may check this.

Is it possible to stream Twitch with 3G

What is the ideal data speed/size for twitch?

Streaming online videos is more complex than uploading an image. Therefore, expecting to use a small amount of data for livestreaming is sheer stupidity.

As you want to know the ideal data size for twitch. Here are some suggestions.

Before that, let me explain that this will depend on the following things.

  • The size of the video.
  • The quality of the video.
  • The time you need to upload.

It is quite obvious, for regular streamers, that the video quality is always HD or higher. Especially, for the platforms like youtube, and Facebook.

In case, the video quality is very poor, like 240 to 320p then even .3 GB is doable. On the other hand, for a 4k video resolution, you will need more data.

The following table gives you an idea of what kind of upload speed for streaming is needed.

Streaming Resolution Data per hourUpload Speed Needs
320pMin  0.3 Gb3–4 Mbps
480pMinimum 0.7Gb4–5 Mbps
720pMinimum 0.9 Gb6–10 Mbps
1080pMinimum 1.5Gb10–20 Mbps
2kMinimum 3 Gb20–40 Mbps
4KMinimum 7.2 Gb25–60 Mbps

For live-streaming including the resolution as mentioned above, you require the respective data size. However, it also depends on the time.

Why is 3G data size not enough?

To understand why you cannot initiate streaming through twitch with a 3G cellular network, it is important to know how much data is 3G cellular data.

Generally, a 3G data connection is around 3mbps. But it is not absolute, you can have a bit higher data size too. There can be fluctuations, and that can lead to poor quality or slow uploading.

Now, you must be wondering why this data size is not enough. Well, if you live far away from the network tower, or your mobile phone is unable to catch data. Then this 3G will fluctuate and you will end up having little to no data for streaming.

You will be surprised to know that there are several internet service providers who only advertise the downloading speed. The uploading speed in most cases is often quite low. Therefore, it will be stupid to rely on a 3G connection.

Moreover, if more than two users are using the same 3G connection, then it will affect the results.

How much data does twitch use for streaming?

If we only focus on the requirements of twitch, it requires a minimum of 6-8 Mbps data speed. You must not expect it for the best quality videos. For them, the speed should be more.

What issues will you face when using a 3G data connection for twitch streaming?

You can use a 3G connection for twitch streaming, but it will cause some issues. Let us explain them as well.

Be ready to face a lot of buffering, and loading. Moreover, the people who will be watching your livestreaming will also get annoyed.

Tips to increase your internet speed when using stream twitch?

If you have a 3G cellular network, then these are a few tips that can help in sustaining the quality and speed of the internet.

  • You must not let anyone share your internet.
  • Secondly, do not use any other application on the device, from which you are going live.
  • Check for internet speed before using. You might need to check it several times to figure out the right time for high internet speed. It is faster during the night when a minimum number of people are using the internet.
  • Your location also plays a role in making this faster and more reliable for you. People living near the cellular company’s tower are more likely to get higher speeds.

Should I use 3G or public Wi-Fi for streaming by twitch?

In case of emergencies, when you do not have any other connection. Then you may try to use public Wi-Fi.

It is not as strong as the internet connection at your home, but as compared to cellular networks, a public wifi is better for live-streaming.


Which internet connection is best for twitch streaming?

Cellular connections are not the best option; however, if you are a streaming game, then you must get an internet connection.

Twitch streaming depends on the speed of the internet, so you must look for internet with almost 25mbps speed. Although, the ideal speed is 15 to 20 Mbps, but you must choose at least 25mbps. Beware of the companies which do not tell you about the uploading speed.

However, it is only enough for 720p resolution, for a higher live-streaming video quality you must choose 25 Mbps or higher internet speed

Final Words:

Streaming twitch with 3G is possible, but it is not the best option. Cellular networks are unstable, thus, the quality of uploading will be affected. It is clearly not the ideal long-term option for live streaming.

Ahmed Nouman

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