How to remove sticker Residue From Laptop (5 Easy Steps)

The struggle to get rid of the sticker residues from the laptops is no more concern now.

Many different laptops, PCs, notebooks, etc., are now available with their brand and advertisement stickers. These are usually unwanted by the people. So, if you have just got a new laptop with various stickers describing its quality or you are using an old one with your personalized stickers fixed on them, and you are worried about the untidy look of the peeled sticker residues; this article can help you out.

It becomes necessary to remove these residues because of their appearance and other factors like the surface becoming more prone towards stuff like dust and hair. It also becomes difficult to use the touch screen properly. Read the complete article to know some easy ways to say goodbye to the gummy residues covering your laptop’s back, camera, or screen.

There are many people out there who desire to get the following queries answered:

  • How to remove the sticker residues from laptops back?
  • How can I do the residue removal without causing damage to the surface?
  • Is there any quick way to remove the unwanted residues?
  • What possible measures I must take to get the desired results?

All these will be answered in the headings below.

How to remove a sticker residue from a laptop (Back/Cover)?

It totally depends on the sticker quality when you remove it as some get clear when removed while others are not removed properly even when tried with fingernails or any hard thin layer to strike the edge of the sticker. However, technique and patience are also needed while you use your nails to remove the residues.

A simple way is to apply a clean cloth with some water the moment the sticker is removed to eradicate the residue. Other techniques include some which are either available in homes or can be purchased from the markets. These are:

Dish Soap usage:

This is applicable for stickers residues which are not given much time to set and can be used with a damp cloth.

Using Dish Soap to Remove Sticker Residue


You need to take a wet cloth sunk in hot water which is not have any excess water and apply dish soap to the cloth. Gently rub this cloth of soap on the residual area of the laptop’s back and wait for the particles of the residue to lift. Once done simply dry the wet area with a paper towel.

Applying oil to get the sticker glue out:

You read it correctly. Oil of any type available in home-like cooking oil, tea tree oil, or even baby oil, can be used to cut the stuck glue from the laptop’s back effectively.

Using Oil to Remove Sticker Glue from laptop


Just take a small amount of oil and pat it on the affected area, leave it for 10 minutes and then take a cloth to remove all the adhesiveness of the sticker shift from the laptop’s back to your clean cloth.

A generic home created paste that can work wonders for the residual glue:

This paste is well-known and is often used in other such frustrating conditions. It is a mixture of baking soda, water, and vinegar. Yes! This magical paste can help you to eliminate residual sticker glue from your laptop back or any other area.


Just mix baking soda with some water and when it forms a paste thick enough to set on the residual area, add some vinegar drops in it. You can see the bubbles telling you I am formed well.

Apply it to the required area and let it set to dry. Use a wet cloth and rub it using a cloth damped in a hot soapy mixture and then simply rub away the residue until it gets out completely.

Remove a sticker residue from a laptop camera?

The camera lens can get dirty if a sticker residue or dust is stuck. The simplest solutions for this problem are:

  • You can use a soft cloth and try rubbing it by soaking it in hot water to clean the lens.
  • You can apply glass cleaning sprays if the lens is protected by a glass layer or even it is plastic.
  • You can try using toothpaste to clean and then use a damp cloth.
  • Alcohol can also be used to make it alright.
  • WD-40 lubricants can also work right for you.

Remove a sticker residue from a laptop screen?

The screenplays a vital role in performing several tasks on the laptop, and if your screen is covered with residues, then it surely needs a solution. Those who use advanced laptops like Dell. XPS 13 2-in-1 or HP. Spectre x360 14, then you cannot enjoy it properly.

Remove a sticker residue from a laptop screen

There are numerous ways to get your screen clear and back to its originality like:

  • Application of isopropyl alcohol on a damp cloth and then letting it rest on the screen needed area. Cleaning it afterwards and repeating this process for best results.

Note: The screen mustn’t be active while you are carrying out this experiment.

  • You can use nail polish remover if you are not considering alcohol.
    • Petroleum jelly is also considered to be one of the amazing choices to get your residues settled down. You can apply it and leave it for a few hours and then using a credit card or any such material you can remove the residue. Clean it afterwards and keep it dry.
    • Vinegar and water mixture can also be tested to get it removed.
    • Solvents that are not oil based like acetone; you can apply it through a cloth on the edges of the residue.

Frequently asked Questions:

How to remove sticker glue from a laptop’s surface?

Many people require solutions to deal with the glue residues on their laptop surfaces. Therefore the mentioned points above for the back of the laptop can be used to get help, especially alcohol usage.

Another technique that can be used in this manner includes using a hairdryer or a heat gun. This can be applied very carefully to the laptop’s surface by turning it on and warming the area that has the residue, doing this for some time, and then turning it off. Repeat and try getting the residue discarded by means of some fine and hard card or blade.

There are other means like aftershave, perfumes, Windex, hairspray, rubber erasers, etc., which are also considered a good option while cleaning a laptop’s surface that is dusted with unwanted residues.

Note: You must do this with precautions like, do not apply excessive heat on your laptop’s surface and make sure that you do not scratch the surface while getting rid of the residue.


Stickers can become a problem when they leave behind their marks and so it becomes necessary to clean them properly from the laptops. This will not only give a tidy look but will also enhance the quality of work. There are numerous ways through which the residues of the stickers can be easily taken out from your laptop’s surfaces, screen, and camera and they can become much tidy, applicable, and protected.

These include dish soap, oil, homemade solution, other lubricants, alcohol, damp cloth, lens cleansing sprays, and much more as discussed above. The need is to understand the technique of how to apply the solutions and when to clean them for effective results properly. This article summons up all possible and successful solutions for you.

There are some essential aspects that you must also notice while finding the best solution to pull out the residues like; you must try not to use sandpapers to avoid more scratches to your laptop’s back. This can further cause a mess for you, and you will never want that.

You must not be using paint thinners or other strong chemicals that can badly affect your laptops’ surface. It is also preferable that you do not use sponges in the kitchen, as they might further worsen the situation for you.

In a nutshell, the type of stickers determines the impact of residues on your laptops. Mentioned means are suitable enough to help you out with your residues. It is also suggested that you must wear protective gloves before carrying out these steps with any chemical or solvents to protect yourself. Therefore, it’s never too late to try and test and make your laptop’s screen, camera, back, or surface shine. After reading this article, we ensure that you will quickly achieve your much-needed outcomes.

Good luck, and get your sticky and irritating laptop residues clear today!

Noor ul Qamar

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