Why is my Chromebook getting hot? (Reasons and Solutions)

Are you worried about Chromebooks getting hot on a regular basis? Here is all you need to know and how to keep it calm!

Like any other laptop, Chromebooks have similar attributes, and they all behave alike in certain terms of being the way they are.

Chromebooks can get warm when you turn them on and use them depending on the workload you are carrying out with them.

You can know about this hotness when you feel the heat dispersing out from the panel in the bottom of Chromebooks, as they do not support a cooling process that is functioning actively.

Reasons Why Chromebooks Get Hot:

There can be numerous reasons for turning your Chromebook to get hot, but there is a difference in understanding the usually hot and the overheating.

Reasons Why Chromebooks Get Hot

If it gets hot when you use it, it’s normal because Some Chromebooks don’t have fans. They use a passive cooling process. The point of worry is when the heat being generated is making your system cause unnecessary shutdown or freezing.

Let’s discuss some of the important reasons causing this situation.

Heavy use of graphics:

A major reason for the Chromebook turning hot is whenever you play games/use heavy graphics that need high CPU/GPU power and pixel quality, ultimately lowering the system’s performance.

Yes, seeing videos and doing multi-tasking with Chromebooks can actually heat them up! For this, you must monitor the working of Chromebook whenever you use graphics.

The stress on Chromebook can sometimes be more as it is specifically designed to deal with major tasks. Well, it also depends on the model and design of it. Maybe, the system is not well designed and is not satisfying the cooling needs properly.

Overheating CPU:

Another reason for Chromebooks being warmer is the overheated CPU that makes the Chromebooks hot. This can be due to many reasons like:

  • You are using your Chromebook with Linux for working with Windows applications.
  • You are working on Twitch.
  • You use multiple tabs on your Chrome.
  • You desire working with several apps at the same time.
  • You have made CPU to get under stress requesting to play games, videos and doing online work.

Asking for more CPU resources will require more CPU cycles, making it overheated and turning Chromebooks hotter, eventually.

Cooling system:

As discussed earlier, the cooling system of the Chromebooks works passively. The heat is radiated out from the panel underneath when using it, keeping the work balance with the overall load.

Some Chromebooks have no fans to cool them actively; otherwise, overheating problems would never occur in it. The inactive process of cooling the fans works in a way that they follow the spinning according to RPM as soon as the level of heating is more.

Chromebooks can also turn hot, and the cooling cannot work properly when placed on certain couches or beds.

What Can Be Done to Prevent a Chromebook from Getting Hot?

What Can Be Done to Prevent a Chromebook from Getting Hot

The hot Chromebooks can be because of the reasons mentioned above along with when you are keeping it plugged in while charging. There are some precautionary measures that you can still be used to stop them from getting hot than normal.

These include keeping them in a cooler environment than their actual heating to balance the temperature. You can use keep your Chrome OS always updated enough.

Some other possible measures for this purpose are as follows:

 Clean Internal Cooling System:

 Clean Internal Cooling System

One important step to keep your systems protected from overheating is that you clean the cooling system.

The internal cooling system of Chromebooks is working passively and needs larger fans therefore you can clean them.

First, you need to be sure that your Chromebook is not on for thorough cleaning. You can clean it by using a can filled with some compressed air to clear all the possible dirt in the vents, on the fans, or beneath the keys.

For more deep cleaning, you can also use wipes with isopropyl alcohol at a limit of 70%.

 Use Cooling Pad:

Use Cooling Pad

Apart from restraining yourself from multi-tasking with your Chromebooks and using them so that they can be heated enough, you can protect them by using the Chromebook/laptop’s cooling pads.

There are many laptop coolers or cooling pads available in several designs nowadays. They all serve the purpose of keeping your systems functioning smoothly and passing out the extra heat being generated.

The need is to get the one that is compatible with the relatable Chrome OS and they might have fans. These include Havit HV-F2056, AmazonBasics Adjustable Laptop Cooler, Cooler Master NotePal X3, and more.

Use at Flat and Hard Surface:

If you don’t block the heat from radiating out properly by placing your Chromebook on a sofa, bed, etc., then it is possible that you protect them from heating.

At times, placing them on laps is not good for both machine and yourself, causing problems through excessively heated rays. A proper desk or a table is needed for keeping your Chromebooks normally passing out their heat.

Therefore, use a hard rather than a comfy surface and a flat and not movable or relaxing area. Using them on the carpets is not safe that the dust can enter into them.

Why is my Chromebook getting hot – Conclusion:

Chromebooks are becoming popular in every other area, especially among students but they usually turn hot unnecessarily and can be a serious problem when they are disrupting your work or causing the system to shut down suddenly.

There can be several different reasons for this occurrence as they are mentioned in the article above, like keeping them in use while charging, placing them on a soft surface, overloading them by performing multiple tasks simultaneously, etc.

Cooling can also be done through some measures like using a cool pad, placing them on hard surfaces, minimizing your tasks, cleaning, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Chromebook gets hot when charging?

The Chromebooks may get hot when you are charging them while using them. It also leads to creating issues for your battery life.

Heat is created as a byproduct of the Chromebook which increases twice while you are charging and working on the Chromebook. It is also recommended to keep your battery near to full and not completely full for keeping it regular and proper.

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