Dell Chromebook 11 Vs Samsung Chromebook 3: Which One Is Right for You?

There are numerous events in life where we get stuck to picking the best or the most convenient option for ourselves, whether it’s when buying clothes, any other accessory, or even a system.

When making a decision to select a Chromebook that is becoming well-popular among youth, especially, it’s important to consider different choices and brands.

As Chromebooks are available in reasonable to expensive ranges, they all have their unique properties, designs, and models that define them.

Dell Chromebook 11 Vs Samsung Chromebook 3: Which One Is Right for You

This article shares a comparative analysis between Dell’s Chromebook 11 and Samsung Chromebook 3. So, here is all you need to know.

Differences between Dell Chromebook 11 and Samsung Chromebook 3:

Dell Chromebook 11Samsung Chromebook 3
Screen Size:11.6 Inches11.6 Inches
Storage:32GB eMMC SSD16GB eMMC SSD
Operating System:Chrome OSChrome OS
Processor:Celeron N3060Celeron N3060
Battery life:Up to 10 HoursUp to 10 Hours


The first and the foremost noticeable aspect between these two mentioned Chromebooks is their brand, both have their own name, demand, and era.

These two brands are Samsung and Dell, very strong in terms of systems and design. The Dell Chromebook 11 was launched in Jan, whereas the Samsung Chromebook 3 came in April as per the month’s status.

There are many other designs of these two manufacturers in Chromebooks. However, it is upon the audience’s demand and selection in terms of choosing a brand that they like and appreciate using more.

Both are exceptional in their own way!


The main processing power that enables the system to perform efficiently and diligently is none other than its CPU.

The Dell Chromebook 11 and Samsung Chromebook 3 operate using the Intel Celeron processing capabilities. However, in this Intel processing, the Dell Chromebook 11 specifically works on Intel Celeron 2955U, and Samsung Chromebook 3 uses Intel Celeron N3050.

Therefore, keeping in view of their cores and specifications, the Samsung Chromebook 3 holds more space in terms of performance, making it more expensive than the Intel Celeron 2955U.

The clock speed is also better with N3050 and is 1.6 GHz.

Screen Size:

Another important attribute to look for when comparing two Chromebooks is their screen sizes and provided resolution capabilities. This is important if you are looking to work on big screens or with much more refresh rates.

There is no specific difference in screen size between these two Chromebooks as both are 11.6″, which makes them the same in terms of display. Both work with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels HD.

One plus thing in terms of the screen or its use in Dell Chromebook 11 is that it provides the option of using either the touch screen or not.


Memory requirements must also be known before you search for a system for yourself. It is a very crucial aspect, and all your data has to work on a load of your memory.

Both Chromebooks mentioned above have equal RAM or memory capacity, and they support around 2/4GB of data easily.

This can state that you can go for either of them in terms of memory. The better the RAM, the better the performance and speed of the system.


After memory, it is vital to check whether storage is enough for the system or not. Internal storage is what allows you to keep your important files, media, and other related content safe for a long time.

In terms of storage, we can say that Dell Chromebook 11 is much better than the Samsung Chromebook 3 as it provides 32GB of SSD while the latter one supports only 16GB.

These hard drives and their storage determine the overall margin that the system is giving you to play well with your data.

Dell is a better option overall.


If you have to keep your Chromebook with you, like if you are a student or a business person or travel a lot, then it’s important that you look for weight constraints before actual purchase.

The weight of the Samsung Chromebook 3 is 1.63 kg and comparatively heavier than the Dell Chromebook 11. The weight of the Dell Chrome book is just 1.32 kg, thus making it much easier for you to carry with you.

If you feel you have other priorities than weight and portability, you can look at other specs mentioned in this article.

Release date:

People often wait for certain releases when they think of buying something extraordinary that can serve them optimally. Therefore, it is useful aspect to know the release date of these two Chromebooks by different brands.

Usually, the releases in recent years are more beneficial in terms of updated features they support and the upgrades they cover with them. As it is obvious in technology, every new generation is far more reliable than the previous one.

The release date of the Samsung Chromebook 3 is in 2017, April and the Dell Chromebook 11 came in 2014 January.

Battery Life:

You will surely want to know the battery timings and life for the two systems we have been comparing for a long in this article, as it depends on none other than the battery how much trustworthy your Chromebook can be.

Talking about the battery life, there is very less difference between Dell and Samsung Chromebook 11 inches, but Dell made its mark in this feature by giving a battery timing of 10 hrs.

Samsung Chromebook 3 can work for 10 hours long with you. However, it also depends on the type of work being carried out on the Chromebooks.


This article shares insight about the two most popular brands, Chromebooks, sharing equal screen sizes but different characteristics and specializations.

You can decide better for yourself now by going through this article as a whole as you know your requirements much better.

All the important points are already discussed above in terms of specs, but in terms of price, you can get updates on Amazon as well.

If you need it for more storage and if you want slim and lightweight, then go for Dell.

Happy Reading :)

Noor ul Qamar

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