Tablet vs laptop: which is better?

With the growing needs for working with technology in almost every other field of life, whether you are a student, businessman, a tech-related person or not, the demand of purchasing a laptop/tablet has become a necessity.

Both have their own specifications and attributes, which differentiates them, and it totally relies on your daily basis requirements when you are confused between these two.

This article discusses the major benefits of both laptops and tablets, keeping their disadvantages.

tablet vs laptop

Tablet vs Laptop:

So, if you are one of those who have not yet decided which one to go for, enjoy reading this article.

Why Tablets:


Tablets, also known as tablet computers, use mobile OS and provide the facility of a touch screen with the latest models allowing the stylus to work with it. It has been a part of this world since the 20th century.

They function as a smartphone with bigger screens, and there are variations in Android tablets available today. If you want to carry out your basic tasks, go for it.

Tablets come in numerous types like a phablet, 2-in-1, and slate, all supporting their own characteristics.

what are tablets best used for:

Tablets have many uses, which makes them popular and in-demand these days. These explicitly help the students read books with an enhanced touch screen, sending and receiving e-mails.

Anyone who wants to give presentations like in a conference meeting can use them for more understanding. Tablets serving with internet facilities are likable to help to browse data and watch movies, videos, and songs.

The latest versions also allow using speech recognition through them apart from downloading applications.


The following are its major pros with details for a clearer concept of what advantages a person can get from a tablet.


Portability or carrying a device easily from one place to another is what tablets offer. You can easily put your tablet in your purse and even your pocket due to its ultra-lightweight.


Tablets tend to have more variety and superior quality of cameras today.


Tablets have more options for their clients, serving with a battery of 8-12 hours which is beneficial, although it depends on what you are running on them.


Everything has its own pros and cons, depending on what you are looking for. Different cons of using tablets are as follows:


It sometimes gets complicated for people to quickly type on the tablets due to touch screen and screen size or those who have interacted with proper keypads.

Making Calls:

Though tablets work like smartphones, they lack some of the needed abilities, like they cannot make calls. You can communicate with social applications.


Tablets are not smart enough to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, but it depends on quality and price.

Why Laptops:


Laptops are referred to as notebook computers which have made life very easy for people and modernized the concept of desktop computers.

Now, everyone or other person has their personal computers in the form of laptops. They are present in several known brands, and each has brand has something unique to offer.

Laptops also come in the form of rugged, hybrid, convertible, smaller, and bigger ones. They have combined all input/output features that a person looks for.

What are Laptop best used for:

Laptops serve in various aspects to people today, and by providing support to a tremendous number of peripherals, they are all in need today.

They are used in college, offices, homes, and everywhere when you need to type and make documents. People take them in traveling with them to carry out practical tasks.

People can attach docking stations and make music with laptops as well. They also help the coders and gamers to work the way they like it.


Let’s discuss the various pros that the laptops support in detail:

Operating System:

Laptops support Windows and several OS, making it easy for all kinds of users to run their desirable software on them.


Laptops provide great amount of storage capabilities. We can see that most low-priced laptops serve with 500 GB HDD or 128 GB SSD in them. You can store different sorts of data on your laptops easily.

Network capabilities:

Laptops with their internet access provide a fast source of communication even with no Wi-Fi’s using other means.


There are some cons of laptops which depend on your work with it. These are:


In terms of pricing, we can say that the more features and support you need, the more price of the Laptop is. As we are comparing them with tablets, you can get an equally equipped tablet for less price than the Laptop.


Laptops are not much secure in terms of durability and can be damaged easily if they are dropped accidentally.

Health risks:

Excessive use of laptops can be damaging to your health due to the radiation and wrong use.

Which One Is Better for You?

Different pros and cons of both laptops and tablets are mentioned above, which specifies their uses as a whole.

Which One Is Better for You

If we think that which suits you the best among them, it surely depends on your work usage with them. Laptops promise great storage and better performance, so laptops are for you if you want to store several files, images, and stuff.

You can also go for buying laptops if you feel that you need to type often, and you can do it on an easy-to-use keyboard.

On the other hand, Tablets help in dealing with your budget constraints and can be best for carrying out normal activities. You can easily take it with you and can even enjoy playing games on it.

You need to do multi-tasking, then laptops are suitable, but tablets suit you if it is only for your entertainment. Both are well designed, respectively.

Final Words:

Laptops and tablets are both reliable sources of working with technology. If you are a student and want it for generic browsing and reading, then tablets are a good purchase for you as they are very portable.

Laptops are better at displays and performing things, which helps to provide connectivity at a larger pace. You can think of buying one in terms of your specific uses and range.

Today, both are present in numerous options and designs like Dell XPS 13 OLED, Acer Swift 3 or iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, and much more of these in the market.

Noor ul Qamar

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