Is it worth buying a MacBook? (And Why People Recommend)

Considering buying a Mac Notebook? Yet, it’s vague to decide which one to go for and how to select the worthy one, in terms of money and applicability? Here is all you need to know about MacBooks and Why Apple MacBooks is worth it to buy.

Apple has launched a series of MacBooks, all in demand for their own specific functionalities and advanced capabilities. From giving you power, performance, suitable technological means, high memory and storage, great battery timing, and much more, these versions are unique on their own and promise to satisfy their clients.

MacBook’s are not cheap enough, and they have their own price ranges, because of which many people would go for buying Windows.

Meanwhile, as we know, anything which is more spectacular in performance has a reasonable price to pay for. However, people tend to buy a laptop which is beneficial in every aspect, much reliable, and blend in well with their needs.

Are MacBook worth it
Are MacBook worth it

Are MacBook worth it?

MacBooks are present in a variety of high-tech models in line which makes them all worthy in their own suitable boundaries.

MacBook Air is beneficial for those who can afford a reasonable price. Its thin and extremely powerful design with a fanless and lightweight characteristic makes it worthy to buy in the air.

MacBook Pro 13’’ with Apple M1 chip and MacBook Pro 14’’,16’’ with Apple M1 Pro chip or Apple M1 Max chip have their salient displays. The need is to know your desirable applications running smoothly on the particular version chosen. A few major differences are below:

Let’s witness the use of Macbooks in various areas of life.

is Macbook okay for gaming

Gamers need laptops that can provide them with the quality presentation of graphics and good speed. This enhances their interest in playing and enables them to enjoy their time fully.

As per several tests and research, it has been noted that Macbooks are not worthy enough to be used for gaming, specifically. Though, the powerful M1 Max GPU, unloading issues of several top-rated games are highlighted. Some classics like 2016’s Hitman can run good enough on the Pro.

MacBook Air, M1, and M1 Pro are good enough for gaming or not; is a matter relying on the type of game played. Their processors can work in a range of 80fps which is not bad but as per the higher power of the chips, this needs to be revised.

Macs do not support games like Outer Worlds and many more, Shadow of the Tomb Raider playing variations are shared below:

Can i Use Macbook for programming

The clear answer to know that Macbook Air is good for carrying out programming activities is a Yes, it’s several features and modern specs help a programmer perfectly to perform all he/she needs.

Although MacBook Air is satisfying a programmer’s needs. If you want some extra or more professional means to code with high speed and efficiency, then MacBook Pro gives you that additional power. It allows a programmer to manage several other devices like monitors and inculcates a much-improved GPU.

Macbook Air, with its ability to work well for Linux and other OS, also provides a sleek and versatile design of handling javascript, Python, Ruby codes, but the Pro will certainly work better in Android/IOS development. 

Storage of i5 processor is 512GB SSD in Macbook Air along with true-tone, butterfly keyboard, 12 hours battery, and the sharp retina display makes it all worthy to buy.

is macbook good For College/Student?

It is of great importance to spend right at one time when you are picking a laptop. Students need to use laptops to complete their academic activities. Macbooks have all a student would need to go for many years.

The question is either the one with Intel processors or one with the M1 chip of Apple?

Students want a portable, powerful and reliable machine for which Macbook Air running on an M1 chip is the best. Its magic keyboard and multitasking capabilities are all a student would ask for.

However, students studying in mass media and demanding video-editing at a high level can look towards the Pro options available.

A 13’’ Air is an all-rounder for college students but if you want a big screen and more advanced version then 14’’-16’’ can be your search. Students can get a discount of $100 on MacBooks, so it is worth looking for.

is mac better for video editing?

Relating to the price concerns there are many video editors who would be asking for some power-oriented desktop-based systems but as they tend to increase their budget, they would look for some high-quality systems that can deal with various video editing facilities.

Macbook Pro’s are good to go for these situations. Macbook Air is reliable if you want basic video editing features for working with social media-related work and those providing higher storage.

However, if you are looking for a bigger screen then go for 16 inches. This 2021 model is housed with enough power to preview your videos at any time and is present in both M1 Pro/ M1 Max chips.

You can opt among M1 Pro and Max to get your optimized AutoCad outcomes, Macbook Pro 14 inches has good quality XDR liquid retina display with approximately 8TB of storage. It all depends on your needs.

Are Macbook good For music production?

Music creation has its own demands and both Macbook Pro 13 or 16 inches are beneficial models when it comes to recording and composing some best music of all time.

If you are wishing to have a budgeted Mac then Macbook Air can fulfill your music urges up to a certain level.

The 13 and 16 inches have more editing options with a difference in screen size. RAM, enough storage, high dynamic stereo ranges, three-mic array, processing power, and much more are some attributes of these versions.

DAW plugins and types of music to be created, synthesized, players have their own specific criteria, and Mac supports various latencies and thresholds.

If you want to opt for the best Mac then Macbook Pro with 16-inches will never disappoint you as it’s worthy to buy. Ableton live and logic Pro X etc. can also be played using Mac 13’’-16’’.

What Macbook for Graphic design/Photo Editing?

It gets vital to determine the quality of resolution and display when it comes to photo editing or graphic designing.

The pro versions are available with different resolutions covering Macbook Pro 13-inch with a 2560*1600 and Pro 14-inch with 3024*1964 resolution. The 16-inches is best with 3456*2234 resolution.

Graphic designers’ choice today is Mac because of their amazing quality, build, and brilliant design and performances. The 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro has 1600 nits using a color gamut that is P3 wide enough.

Talking about the display, the 16-inch Pro covers 91% Adobe and 100% sRGB’s, enhancing the accuracy and vivid colors on your bigger screen.

If you can manage a small screen, then the 13-inch Pro is worth buying for you, providing quality results. Thus, Macbook Pro versions are best for graphic designers and photo editors.

Selection depends on your usage level and work nature.

How durable are MacBooks?

As we have discussed the worthiness of Macbooks, it is also needed to know whether they are durable enough or not?

How durable are MacBooks?

Technology can help you out, but if you do not handle it with enough care, it can cause issues. Considering the silver aluminum structure of the Macbook Pro, we can state that this unibody is from 2008 in the history of Apple.

It is one characteristic of Macbooks that makes them less prone to cracks. The durability of the Macbook can be differentiated in terms of a sudden accident to forceful destruction.

The design is relying on one aluminum to cover it all rather than picking separate parts and bringing them together. Strong resistance to daily casual movements determines the stability of the laptops making them durable and trustworthy for anyone who is spending a lot to get them.

However, some possible issues being reported every now and then includes the replacement of hardware parts. This can be troublesome.

There are some possible means through which the durability of Macbooks can be brought into danger. A few destructive notions include:

  • Accidental drops
  • Leaving your ear phones in the keyboard
  • Treating the system roughly

Frequently Asked Question About MacBook’s:

Is Macbook Air waterproof?

People tend to believe that high-quality systems are now advanced enough and they have become water-resistant.

This phenomenon is wrong as Macbook Air is not waterproof like Apple’s other products, watches for instance. A minor splash of liquid or related matter can cause serious problems for you.

If anything happens, the liquid passes through your board to other parts and ultimately causes damage to the remaining components. With $299+ tax, you can get it done if you have AppleCare.

Can Macbook run Windows?

It is a common mistake that many people make saying that Macbook is not sufficient enough for Windows to run on it. Well, this is not true, a series of steps, and you are all done.

So, Yes, it is affirmatively possible to run Windows on your Macbook. Using the functionality of Boot Camp you can now install Windows and work smoothly with your Intel-Macs.

Therefore, a Boot Camp Assistant can help you perform the setup process of installing Windows.

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