Acer Chromebook spin 713 vs Asus c434 : What’s The Difference

Chromebooks have earned their popularity due to several factors like providing Chrome OS and immense cloud storage.

In this article, two such Chromebooks will be compared and analyzed in detail to understand which one is suitable.

These include Acer Chromebook spin 713 and ASUS Chromebook Flip C434. Both were released in 2019 with the ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 being the newer version that came in June.

Both vary in prices as spin 713 can be bought for under $750 while the model Flip C434 is available for under $525. So, if you are looking for an affordable rate then go for a later one.

Acer Chromebook spin 713 vs Asus c434

Acer Chromebook spin 713 vs Asus c434: Comparison

Following are various specs mentioned for both the amazing laptops. Let’s explore:

Acer Chromebook Spin 713Asus c434
Display:13.5 Inches14 Inches
Storage:128 GB32/64/128 GB
Processor:Intel Core i5-8250UIntel Core M3-8100Y
GPU:Intel UHD Graphics 620Intel HD 615
Battery Life:Up to 10 HoursUp to 10 Hours
Pros:+ Has 4 CPU cores.
+ Best for multi-taskers.
+ It is the best mid-ranged Chromebook.
+ Considered to be no. 1 in gaming.
+ Serves to be a 2-in-1 notebook.
+ It has a sleeky and stylish body.
Cons: Is expensive.
No fingerprint reader or stylus.
Its speakers are not rated good.
Fewer connectivity choices.
It is not portable enough.


The brand of Chromebook spin 713 is Acer which is a Taiwanese brand that has its roots in developing advanced electronics and machines.

While the Chromebook Flip C434 belongs to the Asus brand. Asus is also a very well-known brand and referred to as the number 1 gaming and motherboard maker.

It becomes important to know the brand and importance of the company the laptop is made of.

Screen Size:

Screen size is useful when you need a good screen size to enjoy your graphics and games. However, if this size is not enough as per your need then maybe you should look at the other factors as well to help decide better.

The screen size of the Acer Chromebook spin 713 is 13.5 ” or 34.3 cm while the size of the screen of the ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 is 14.0 ” or 35.6 cm.

Screen Technology:

Both of the laptops support touch screens however their screen technology is different from each other. The screen technology of Acer Chromebook spin 713 is IPS (in-plane switching). It is also a sort of LCD screen technology.

The screen technology for the ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 is LCD (liquid crystal display). The IPS technology is useful to show vibrant and brighter colors with amazing sound quality.

LCDs are useful to play games on a larger scale.

Screen Resolution:

A great screen resolution is vital to show good, HD quality graphics on the screen. It describes the number of pixels that the screen will be comprised of.

The screen resolution of the ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 is 1920×1080 and it is 2256×1504 for the Acer Chromebook spin 713.

The resolution states that the model spin 713 can be trusted if you desired a laptop with amazing screen resolution as a whole.


RAM plays an important role in loading your programs and files at a very fast speed and enables you to perform multitasking easily.

The more the RAM the more the performance aspects of the laptop will be shaped. The RAM of Acer Chromebook spin 713 is 8 GB.

RAM for Acer Chromebook spin 713 is 4 GB as well as 8GB, so both can be good choices in terms of RAM.


The processor is the key to making a system reliable and accurate enough so that the user can easily trust the device.

The processing capabilities of Acer Chromebook spin 713 are Intel Core i3-10110U/i5-10210U and the processor for ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 is ASUS Chromebook Flip C434.

Octane V2 Score playing a role in the performance of the laptops include 34,011 for the spin 713 and is 30,000 for the Flip c434.


Storage capacity is very important in terms of storing the data at a large scale and is helpful if you want to keep a large size of files and images saved permanently for your future use.

The storage capabilities for the Acer Chromebook spin 713 is 128 GB which is more than the ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 which is 64 GB.

The storage of spin 713 determines that it is more for you in all ways.

Battery life:

Battery life is needed for carrying out your major tasks in a way that you will not get any sudden interruption or low battery error.

The battery life of both the devices says it to be Acer Chromebook spin 713 and ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 is the same and is 10 hours.

You can run a number of android applications on these laptops as per the battery timing is great for normal conditions.

Additional Features:

Additional features play a role in making your laptop one of a kind. There are many features that are supported by these systems that make them worth buying.

Both are convertible and fanless as per their physical characteristics. Memory Card Slot and Headphone Jacks are also included in these systems.

They also support backlit keyboard features. As per the weight is concerned Flip C434 is 1.45 kg while the weight of spin 713 is less and is 1.4 kg.


The two laptops have many similarities which can let you go for any of these. The particular aspects mentioned in the article above state the uses and pros with cons of the two systems in detail.

It, however, depends on your needs and desires to look for the aspects that you want to have in your laptop. You can list out your preferences keeping in view the screen size, resolution, weight, brand, and features to select the best for you.


Does acer chromebook spin 713 come with a stylus?

Stylus helps in dealing with the touch screen more easily and you can get to your desired content in a more interactive way.
However, Acer Chromebook spin 713 does not comes with a stylus.

Does asus c434 Chromebook have bluetooth?

Yes, it does have a Bluetooth support for providing connectivity dealings with the peripherals. It supports a 4.0 Bluetooth facility.

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