Lenovo Tab p11 Pro vs iPad Air: Which is Better and Why?

People often tend to get confused between a reliable iPad or more to have fun with the tablet. The two have their salient features and are intended to spread entertainment and work use.

Talking about the iPad, we can see that it is another form of a tablet that is designed to work using iOS by Apple, and the tablet, on the other hand, utilizes an operating system called Android. The use of software also differs.

In this article, we are going to discuss Lenovo Tab p11 Pro and an iPad Air, keeping in view their important aspects.

Lenovo tab p11 Pro vs Apple iPad Air

Lenovo tab p11 Pro VS Apple iPad Air:

Following are various important things to know about these two before going into the decision to purchase one.

Preview: Editor Choice
Display:11.5 inches (LED‑Backlit Multi‑Touch)10.9 inches (OLED)
Pixel Density:263 PPI264 PPI
Camera:12 MP Back Camera
7 MP Front Camera
13 MP, Wide Angle Main Camera
5 MP, Ultra-Wide Angle Camera
8 MP Front Camera
Storage:128 GB64 GB
Chipset:Qualcomm Snapdragon 730GApple A14 Bionic
Graphics:Adreno 618Apple GPU
Battery Life:Up to 9.5 HoursUp to 4.5 Hours
Pros:+ It is less expensive.
+ It has more front camera resolution.
+ It has a bigger screen size.
+ It has a higher pixel density.
+ A supports using a fingerprint scanner.
+ It gives an anti-reflection coating.
+ It is lighter in weight.
Cons: Camera is not Great
Quirks and Bugs in Many Apps
It is very expensive as compared to the tablet being discussed.
Has single-camera setups.


The brand determines the quality and builds that the item consists of. The brand for tablet p11 pro is Lenovo, which has very strong and powerfully designed structured laptops and machines.

The iPad Air belongs to the brand of Apple, known for its amazing designs and models as per the progress is going on in the field of electronics, collectively.

Apple’s iPad Air was announced in September 2020, while the Lenovo tablet p11 pro came in August 2020.


Both of the devices supporting 64-bit architecture support are known to be one in a kind. RAM plays an important role in making data processing faster and also allows several applications to run simultaneously.

RAM for the Lenovo tablet p11 pro is 4/6 GB providing a speed of HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, while Apple’s iPad Air is running at a speed of HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, giving us 4 GB of RAM capabilities.


The processor is responsible for the overall processing of the tasks while keeping in the queue the ones in the background and the ones being requested by the user.

Often, mobile phones create chaos when we need to open several items. This is because of the incompetent processing speed.

The processor for Apple iPad Air is Hexa Core, and it is Octa-core (2.2 GHz, Dual-core, Kryo 470 + 1.8 GHz, Hexa Core, Kryo 470) for the Lenovo tablet p11 pro.

The chipset also varies and is Apple A14 Bionic (5nm) for the iPad Air and is Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon – (8nm) for the tablet.


Storage is useful when you need to keep your data safe for a long time without any issues, and your system or mobile is reliable enough to keep your important files.

The internal storage for the Apple iPad Air is 64 GB, while it is 128 GB for the Lenovo tablet p11 pro. The tablet also works with expandable memory and is up to 256 GB.

Both providing one year of warranty are useful in their own way, and you can select on the basis of your required storage.

Battery life:

Battery life is needed whenever a person is far from the charging point, or he/she is in a traveling situation. Apart from that, a good device is one that can promise a suitable battery timing.

Both of these mentioned devices are not supporting any user rechargeable batteries, and their battery type is Li-polymer. The battery timing of Apple’s iPad Air is up to 10 hours, while it is 9 hours 58 minutes to be exact.

So, both are quite equal in terms of battery life.

Operating system:

The operating system is responsible for the coordination of different activities going on in the system and is needed to work as the core of the device all the time.

This system software is the base of any device. The operating system working for Apple’s iPad Air is iPadOS 14, and it is Android 10.0 for the Lenovo tablet p11 pro.

Screen Size:

You will want to have a reasonable screen size if you want to contact the screen quite often, like for a coder or a gamer to have their work balanced with the screen.

It is also useful in terms of the area where a device is going to be placed. The screen size for Apple’s iPad Air is 10.09 inches, and it is 11.5 inches for the Lenovo tablet p11 pro.

Both of the devices support Multi-touch and Capacitive Touchscreens. Talking in terms of the pixel density that persists on the screen, the iPad Air has 264 PPI while the tablet supports 263 PPI.

Screen Technology:

Screen technology is also variant in these two devices. It is LED‑Backlit Multi‑Touch for the Apple’s iPad Air and is OLED for Lenovo tablet p11 pro.

Screen Resolution:

Screen resolution is useful to enhance the quality of the pixels that you work with on the screen. The higher the resolution, the more, the brighter and sharper the images will be on the screen.

It is 2360 x 1640 Pixels for Apple’s iPad Air, and it is 1600 x 2560 pixels for the Lenovo tablet p11 pro.

Additional Features:

Apple’s iPad Air comprises many special features like Siri natural language commands with the dictation, 12 megapixels of HDR camera quality, wide color gamut.

The Lenovo tablet p11 pro gives support for a 3.5 mm jack apart from having stereo speakers. It also provides a dual-camera setup.

Both can also be summed up with the pros and cons mentioned below that can even provide you with more insight.


Here is a detailed comparison of the Lenovo Tab p11 Pro and Apple iPad Air design for your convenience. However, keeping in view the ratings, there is a lot of difference observed.

The Apple iPad Air, due to its several features, is noted to be more popular among users. With support for giving faster downloads and more internal storage, it can become one’s choice.

You can list down your requirements and select the best choice, but our verdict is for iPad Air.


Are iPad Air waterproof?

Ans. It is often asked that are the Apple’s iPads and other different models of Mac are waterproof or not, well no they are not waterproof for any sort of liquids.

Are ipad airs worth it?

If you are willing to enjoy the style and model in terms of its speed and you think its features are what you always wanted like its Magic Keyboard then you can buy it. Also, if its cost is in your range.

Is lenovo p11 pro worth it?

It depends on your needs and uses, as per its quality of display and its speakers it is one of the best tablets in terms of working with media.

Does lenovo tab p11 support stylus pen?

Yes, there is an S pen supported by it that can be used to serve the purpose. This is by BoxWave.

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