How to download apps on a Samsung tablet.

Have you bought a Samsung tablet and you are totally new to it? Do not worry! You have come to the correct reading and you will learn in this article how you can easily download several apps on your Samsung tablet.

Tablet gets handier and more useful when you have all those daily basis apps that help you out in your routine tasks or those which allow you to communicate with your loved ones just the way you like it.

For downloading an app, your version of the Samsung tablet will determine which apps can be installed on it easily.

Multiple Ways to Download Apps on Samsung Tablet

Multiple Ways to Download Apps on Samsung Tablet:

As there are millions of apps and each app is associated with a specific category, the basic step is to determine your need and which app you want.

There are several methods of doing this on your tablets however, it is suggested that you consider your required memory before downloading them.

Applications always come with reviews and ratings which you must see before you make a decision to download them.

Let’s explore ways through which you can download apps on a Samsung tablet easily.

Google Play Store:

Google Play Store

Google Play Store for Samsung tablets will be available by default as a program file and you can easily get desirable apps through this hub of multi-purpose applications.

Paid and unpaid apps:

There are many apps that are free like WhatsApp, Facebook, some casual games, etc., however, another category of applications that exist in this regard are those which are paid ones like particular exercise apps.

There are also hybrid ones, which when install is allowing you a free trial of 30 days or more and then they ask you to pay some fees to continue using the application.

Installation process:

  • For downloading an application, the installation process is followed for which firstly you visit the Google Play Store and then search for your targeted app.
  • Once you find the desired app, read its description and see its reviews and ratings. As sometimes ads cause a huge mess in loading an app and cause frustration.
  • The install button will be visible to you, if the app is paid one it will be showing the price in place of that button.
  • Once an unpaid app is installed, open it from the icon made on the screen, follow the steps where it will ask for your permission to give rights to access certain features of your tablet like camera, etc.
  • If you want to download a paid app then you need to accept, I agree to the payment methods, etc., and continue with further steps, like entering your credit card details and making payment.

Downloading completed!

Using Galaxy Store:

Galaxy Store

There is also a galaxy store or galaxy named icon appearing in Samsung tablets through which you can also download several apps easily.

For this, search galaxy or under apps on the home screen you can look for a rainbow viewed icon which is upside down in direction, and then get diving into the fun apps by selecting your likable category like entertainment, games, music, and video, etc.

Once you get into your required choice of application center, there will be an option of new, paid, free, and all. You can check to see the top-rated apps and scroll from right to left to see and explore all options in detail.


Once you have selected the application that you wish to install you can tap on the Install option and can move on towards accepting the criteria.

You can open it once the installation process is completed successfully. There might be a possibility that the application would ask for your password device as a lock.

Thus, the overall process of installation through the galaxy store is the same as the play store with the difference that you get to have the applications in access directly incompatible to your galaxy devices smoothly.

Using Amazon Appstore:

Amazon Appstore

Samsung tablets can get applications downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. These apps are however not compatible with the various iOS devices.

In order to carry out this downloading, you can open Amazon Appstore and search for the needed application that you want.

You can select the Get option or pay the price for that app if it is a paid one. For getting a paid application you will need to carry on with the payment method which becomes the default if you have used it before linked with your Amazon account.

You can also use coins in it or a gift card if available.

Using Aptoide:


Another way of downloading applications on your tablet is through Aptoide. Well, if you can’t find it, not to worry you can also download it on Android devices first by following the steps mentioned above.

This app store is an open-source provider of applications where people publish their work and is becoming widely popular.

The interface of this application providing store is similar to what we see in other stores with a view of showing category-wise applications and the popular ones.

You can also search for the apps and get them downloaded by following the install button mentioned.

Using Third-party sites:

Third-party sites

We always can make use of several third-party sites which can help us in downloading certain apps that might not be easily installed or not on the list on the available play stores.

There are various types of these third-party sites along with the apps which are not owned by an application but can be allowed to be associated with them.

These sites on the other hand can help in getting certain support for downloading files formats that are not usually supported by other app stores.

APK Mirror:

APK Mirror

There are many such third-party sites that are used for this purpose like APK mirror. This installer is used to provide help in getting files, xapk, .apkm, .apks, and other such suitable files depending on what you are looking for.

APK Pure:

APK Pure

At times, there are many apps that are locked or not easily available, you can now get them installed on your tablets by using this third-party site.

Overall, these third-party sites can become a source of rapidly accessing millions of applications with their ratings and reviews.

All of the mentioned sources are reliable options for getting you to download your needed applications with several choices and results for sure.

Final Words:

Downloading an application is now on tip even for young children. It has become a need to download all you want at one place and regularly make use of it.

This article helps to understand the ways and methods through which you can now easily install and use several types of applications in your Samsung Tablets.

The most common among these is the Google Play Store which is readily available, along with the Galaxy store for supporting many apps for different devices.

There are third-party sites that serve the same purpose and can also be used to install these apps.

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