Best iPad for Clash of Clans in 2024  

As technology is progressing with every passing day, the needs and demands of the users are also increasing. So, there are new developments by different competitive companies to capture the attention of their clients and fulfill their desires.

From tablets, we have come to smart and stylish iPads, a form of tablets being developed by Apple. People are more into buying these tablets and iPads for the sake of having entertainment.

In this case, only gamers understand the actual requirements that are needed to play games, like the display quality, sensors, storage, etc.

This article covers the Best iPad for Clash of Clans.

Clash of clan’s system Requirements for iOS:

As mentioned earlier, there are many factors to be noted for playing games, and these include the Operating systems and their versions.

Initially, it was suitable to play them on Apple devices but to have proper fun with the updated specs, you need to update your operating system to iOS 7. x or higher, and all is well for you.

There are many devices that cannot do this updation, like iPad 1st generation; however, iPad 2, 3, and 4 all can move towards updating their iOS.

Clash of clans, the game of managing your clan and setting up strategies for enemies, is available on the App store.

Best iPads for Clash of Clans:

We will be discussing below the famous devices that you can purchase if you are specifically wanting to play Clash of clans or similar games while mentioning their pros and cons and helping you know which will suit you the best.

NAMEScreen SizeRAMStorage Processor
Apple 10.2-inch iPad10.2 Inches3GB256 GBA13 Bionic
Apple iPad Mini8.3 Inches4GB64 GBA15 Bionic
Apple 11-inch iPad Pro11 Inches8GB or 16GB128GB – 2TBApple M2 chip
Apple iPad Air 202210.9 Inches8GB256 GBApple M1 chip 

1. Apple 10.2-inch iPad:

Apple 10.2-inch iPad


Screen Size: 10.2 Inches | RAM: 3GB | Processor: A13 Bionic chip| Storage: 256GB | Camera Front: 12MP Wide | Camera Back: 8MP Ultra Wide

This can be considered among one of the best screens that you will enjoy playing on due to its possible features. You can get more fun from the wide range of apps that it has in its library, like Adobe Fresco.

The storage that this iPad comes with is 64 GB or 256 GB, which relates to your specific requirements. It has an A13 Bionic chip and allows the users to have a lot of fun with it by creating, playing, learning, and being versatile in its kind.

If you wish to play immersive games, this iPad comes up with a 20% faster GPU, which ultimately enhances the performance of the iPad.

You can work on your creativity at a wide range and even watch movies through this 10.2 retinal quality with the availability of True Tone, making it all relaxing. You can get the best budget iPad for Clash of Clans if you’re on a tight budget.

+ Amazing 10.2-inch display
+ It is not that expensive.
+ It is easy to carry due to its manageable weight.
+ It has supporting battery life.
+ It allows Wi-Fi and Smart Connector.
– The additional port connectivity for the USB-c type is not available.
– Its webcam is not so good.
– It does not have any FaceID.

2. Apple iPad Mini:

Apple iPad Mini


Screen Size: 8.3 Inches | RAM: 4GB | Processor: A15 Bionic chip| Storage: 64GB | Camera Front: 12MP Wide | Camera Back: 12MP Ultra Wide

Another useful Ipad introduced in 2021 with variants in purple, starlight, pink, and space grey colors is also known to be among the best iPads for playing games.

This magical and extremely powerful iPad comes with a durable battery timing and provides a good quality experience to have video conferences. It comes with outstanding speakers and also functions with a True tone.

The 8.3-inch liquid retina display enables you to make your graphics and text sharper and enjoy playing games at their best.

You can use its Touch ID facility present at the top for getting a secure authentication along with the power of the A15 Bionic chip. With a 6-core CPU, this iPad promises powerful performance.

+ It has a very powerful chipset.
+ It has provided Apple Pencil support as well.
+ It inculcates a powerful chipset.
+ You will have good photos and a USB-C connection.
+ The neural engine is working.
There is a sort of screen jelly effect that gets annoying at times.
You might face difficulty in carrying out multi-tasking with this iPad.
Comparatively more in price than the 9.7 inches.

3. Apple 11-inch iPad Pro:

Apple 11-inch iPad Pro


Screen Size: 11 Inches | RAM: 8GB or 16GB | Processor: Apple M2chip | Storage: 128GB – 2TB | Camera Front: 12MP Wide | Camera Back: 10MP Ultra Wide

This can be another choice to make if you are thinking to get something for yourself for playing games, especially Clash of Clans. It works on iPad OS with giving support to the center stage usage.

With this iPad, you can get much fast support for your external storage through the Thunderbolt. The great design of this iPad offers authentic power. This iPad has earned its reputation because of its power. It comes with 12MP Wide and 10MP Ultra-wide camera support.

It works using Octa-core GPU and is known to give a fast Wi-Fi connection. It has a barometer, and gyro features and gives a 2388 x 1668 Pixels quality resolution.

+ It allows using fast M1 processing capabilities.
+ The refresh rate is higher, and the quality is incredible.
+ The speakers are very amazing.
+ The use of a Pencil in this device makes it towards opening doors for charging.
The support for multi-tasking is limited.
It is expensive overall.
HDR capability is not present.
  • You can get this model in both silver or space grey variants. Moreover, it also uses an m1 chip.

4. Apple iPad Air:

Apple iPad Air


Screen Size: 10.9 Inches | RAM: 8GB | Processor: Apple M1 chip | Storage: 256GB | Camera Front: 12MP Wide | Camera Back: 12MP Ultra Wide

Let’s also consider another one in this list which has a processing speed that is 60 percent more than the older versions. It has a sleeker and more amazing look as being a new model.

It allows video editing by adding up the trackpads as Its pixel density is amazingly strong and is worth looking for. It gives support to 8-core CPUs, and it also allows one to do sketching.

It works on a fast 5G connection and gives a P3 wide color through its 10.9 inches liquid retina display. You can get this in five color ranges blue, pink, space grey, purple, and starlight, as per your choice.

All-day battery timing and the neural engine of 16-core are commendable in it. However, some people find it expensive. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages it supports.

If you have a good budget and want to enjoy Clash of Clans without lag, this is the best iPad for you.

+ You can get the benefit of M1 chip use in this iPad.
+ There is an improvement in graphics with the use of an 8-core GPU.
+ It has suitable processing power as compared to the others.
+ It is much more compatible now with the Magic Keyboard, Apple pencil 2, etc.
There is no FaceID support present.
There is no flash in the rear camera, which is often needed.
It can be considered not reasonable for some people who have set a particular budget, and they can look for other choices.

What to Look For in a Gaming iPad?

The needed factors are a must to know if you are in the line of buying a gaming iPad and you are new to it. It has also been discussed in the operating system section above that how important it is to sort out these matters.

Let’s get to know other important things you can look for when you go to the market to get a new gaming iPad.

iOS Version:

Each user has set his/her own needs, and upon those needs, it gets easy for them to decide. You must be aware of the games that you want to run on this iPad so that you know the versions of iOS that support them.

If you buy an iPad that is not capable of being updated to a certain version you need for a game, then it is all a waste.

Screen Size:

It is a vital factor that you should be looking for in correspondence to the games that you want to play or the environment you are planning to use your iPad in.

If you are trying to get the games played by more than a single user, then you must look for good big screen size. With the size comes the resolution quality, pixel density, brightness, and all other screen-related factors.


RAM is one of the most important specs of any machine or device because it will ultimately deal with the performance of your tasks.

If RAM is slow or less, then it means gaming is not a chance for you. You need great RAM support so that the frames can move in within microseconds for you, and you won’t get stuck while playing your game.


Storage, as its name implies, is a must to have a factor in your device so that you can keep your important files and games, etc., in it.

Anything comprising of the images or videos will need more space to work perfectly. So, storage needs to be in accordance with the apps you want on your iPad to run either separately or simultaneously.

Battery life:

Battery life is very important when you are in the middle of something, and you cannot easily approach the charging slots, or you are not at home.

If battery timing is not good, it means there is no big guarantee for your device. Apart from its timing, its life is also needed to be the best so that you do not need to run for battery changing, etc.


Price is another useful factor that is the starting point eventually for any customer. The advanced and improved versions are always expensive unless they are not rated well enough.

So, this relies on the client and his/her pocket.


This article has mentioned the top-most iPads for working with various games, especially Clash of Clans. The specific iOS versions with the know-how on the important factors are a must to know before moving on to buy an iPad.

Obviously, the factors may vary for the customers as per their needs, but these are the basis of all. You can read the pros and cons of each iPad to get a summarized help before making up your mind.

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