11-inch vs 14-inch Chromebook: Which Should You Choose?

Chromebooks are becoming popular with every passing day, and they have made their name due to the various aspects that they provide to users.

Apart from using Google Chrome OS, it supports immense cloud storage, and its latest designs and upgraded models are all in their kind.

This article specifically discusses two such Chromebooks, which are variant in their sizes majorly, one is 11 inches Chromebook, and the other is 14 inches. You can simply understand the better one with bigger screen size.

However, this is not enough to determine which is the best for you!

11 vs 14-inch Chromebook:

11 vs 14-inch Chromebook

As there are many versions coming up for both sizes in Chromebooks. We can put up a comparison for both in HP, like HP Chromebook 14″ (6CD26UA) and in HP 11-V010WM, or it can be between HP Chromebook 14 vs. Acer Chromebook 11 C733.

These variations in the models will determine the best choice for you if you are confused to know about whether you should go for the 11-inch or the 14-inch.

Let’s look at the following discussion to make a better selection. So, we are going to relate the 14 inches with both HP and Acer 11-inches for you.

11 Chromebooks vs 14 Chromebooks Specs: Here Are Our Comparisons.

HP Chromebook 11Lenovo 14 Inch Chromebook S330
Processor:Intel Celeron N3060MediaTek MT8173C
Battery Life:Up to 16 Hours Up to 10 Hours
Reason For Pick:– Choose Chromebook 11 if you need more battery life.
– Price is Less than 14 inch Chromebooks
– 14 Inch Chromebooks Come with Great Specs and new Technology.
– With a Large Screen
Reason For Avoid:– Specs are not Great in 11 Chromebooks.– Due to its large screen, the battery life is 25%-35% shorter than the Chromebook 11.
– Expensive than 11 inch Chromebooks

11-inch Chromebook:

11-inch Chromebook

The inch difference specifies the screen that the Chromebook is providing to you. If you are looking for bigger screen size and a much bigger view of what so ever you want to work on or see, then probably you should be moving towards the 14-inch discussion ahead.

But the 11-inches has been used by many people and if we talk about HP 11-inch Chromebook then its processor is Intel Celeron N3060, which is a considerable aspect when selecting a system.

There are various pros and cons of using the 11-inch model which is specified below, keeping in view HP/Acer.

Pros and Cons:

Talking about the pros, we can say that in terms of weight, the 11 inches is easy to carry as the HP one is about 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg) and is 1.25 kg when we consider looking at the Acer Chromebook 11 C733.

In terms of price also, these are lower than the 14-inches, and HP’s newest rate is around $129.00 and $236.31(can be variable on different sites), shared at Amazon.

Due to its small screen, it has longer battery life.

For cons, we can say that they both have fewer storage capabilities than you could possibly get in 14-inches. HP supports 16GB of SSD, and Acer gives only 32GB capacity.

14-inch Chromebook:

14-inch Chromebook

A 14-inch of Chromebook, as its name implies, offers a relatively good screen size. However, its weight is around 1.54 kg, 1.9 kg. So, if you wanted a portable Chromebook and less price and almost all possible functions that the 14-inches supports, then read above to know more.

The boosting frequency of the processors in these Chromebooks is varied enough and can be around 2.4 GHz, 2.5 GHz, and 2.9 GHz.

If we talk about HP Chromebook 14″ (6CD26UA), then it was released on August 14, 2020, and is all updated and fresh.

Below are its pros and cons:

Pros and Cons:

The 14-inch of Chromebooks are more reliable in terms of power and processing as they are the latest version. Apart from them, they enable storage of 64GB. It also supports an Onboard form factor for the memory.

The resolution is very sharp, with 1366 x 768 pixels and 1920 x 1080 pixels. It also provides 47.36Wh battery life.

In terms of cons, we can say that its pros can play an opposite role if its size is immensely, leading to its heavyweight and increased price. It also has less processor cache than the 11-inches and supports 1/2 MB.

Which One is Better for You?

There arise many questions in the mind of a person who is willing to get the best system for himself and make it the best useful machine ever possible.

If we say that your confusion relies on Chromebooks and between the 14-inch or the 11-inch then for this you need to list down your needs and requirements when you are thinking to perform several tasks on it.

So, if you are a student and need to carry the Chromebook in classes for working and noting down things then it is suggested to go with 11-inches as it is much lighter than the 14-inches one.

Moreover, if you have certain price constraints then you should also opt for it. If you are a business person or a gamer and you would want a bigger screen or a wide display to enjoy what you do, then the 14-inches is best for you.


This article helps in understanding and explaining the two different display sizes supporting Chromebooks, including an 11 and 14-inch one, but almost the RAM and other characteristics of these two are equal.

Complete reading helps relate the pros and cons of these two, narrating an idea of which one to look for if you are thinking of buying a Chromebook for yourself or someone.

The 14-inch is discussed in comparison with the 11-inches of Acer and HP Chromebook.


How much does a Chromebook 11 cost?

It has been asked by many people several times in different areas what is the approximate cost of 11 inches Chromebook.
Those who tend to compromise on screen and display for the price want to learn this. So, for HP-11 it’s around $129.00 and for Acer-11 it is around $236.31.
If you are unable to decide between then these two then look for some other features and specs of these to reach your targeted Chromebook keeping in view of your goals.

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