How to Block Website on Chromebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Blocking a website on a Chromebook is important for students who want to focus on their studies without getting distracted.

Luckily, Google Chrome has a solution called parental controls that makes it easy to restrict access to certain websites. This means you can avoid websites like social media or gaming sites that might tempt you and hinder your progress.

With the Chromebook’s help, you can create a good learning environment and stay focused on your academic goals.

How can I block a website on a Chromebook?

Here are some easy ways to block websites on any Chromebook, whether it’s a Google Chromebook, Dell, HP, Acer, or any other brand.

Built-in Chromebook Features: Use Safe Search for blocking sites on Chromebook

Chromebook provides an easy way to block websites natively through its settings. Follow these steps:

Open Chrome Settings

Chrome Settings

Start by opening the Chrome browser on your Chromebook and click on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner.

Access Site Settings

Scroll down and select ‘Privacy and Security‘ From there, click on ‘Security‘ from the right side options.

Privacy and Security - chrome browser setting

Secure DNS Settings

Under advanced settings, You will see “Manager secure DNS in Chrome settings” Open it by clicking on it.

Secure DNS Settings

Changing Secure DNS

Upon accessing the Secure DNS Settings, you will be presented with a range of DNS options to select from. To effectively filter out any content of an adult nature, it is imperative that you choose the Cleanbrowsing (Familyfilter) DNS.

This particular DNS configuration has been specifically designed to restrict and control access to explicit or inappropriate material, thereby ensuring a safer and more family-friendly online environment.

By opting for Cleanbrowsing (Familyfilter) DNS, you are taking a proactive step in maintaining a secure and wholesome internet browsing experience.

Block Websites Using the Chrome extension

You can block URLs on the Google Chrome browser using Chrome apps or Chromebook extensions that allow you to have more control over the content your child can access online. By restricting access to certain websites, you can ensure that they only browse appropriate content and avoid potential online dangers. This feature provides peace of mind for parents, knowing that their kids are using their Chromebooks in a safe and responsible manner.

1. Block Site Extension

Block Site Extension

BlockSite is a productivity tool that helps you stay focused and minimize distractions. It offers features like custom blocklists, scheduled site blocking, and password protection to take control of your browsing habits.

By blocking websites on Chrome, BlockSite ensures you won’t be tempted to visit them while working. It even entertains you with funny memes if you try to access a blocked site. Trusted by over 5 million users worldwide, BlockSite is a reliable app and website blocker that increases self-control and productivity.

Block site has features like Focus Mode, Adult Content blocking, Schedule Mode, and more, it tailors your blocking experience to suit your needs. It also syncs across all devices and provides insights about your browsing habits. Overall, Block Site is a fantastic tool to minimize distractions and improve productivity.

2. Website Blocker

Website Blocker

One notable extension that can effectively block websites is Website Blocker. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Website Blocker is a reliable tool for maintaining a distraction-free browsing experience.

This extension allows you to effortlessly block any website that might hinder your productivity or pose a threat to your online safety. By simply adding the website’s URL to this extension block list, you can bid farewell to time-wasting sites and focus on what truly matters.

Whether you need to concentrate on work or ensure a safe browsing environment for your children, Website Blocker has got you covered. So, why not give it a try and take control of your online experience?

3. Focus Shield

Focus Guard is a free website blocker that helps students stay focused while studying or working. It allows you to set time limits for distracting sites using a custom blocklist and password protection.

It’s blocking time-wasting websites, and FocusGuard keeps you on track with your learning and work. Parents can also use it to control their child’s internet usage, and friends or partners can set the password to help them concentrate.

its have features like blocking sites, focus mode, time management tracking, and password protection, FocusGuard is a valuable productivity tool to help you achieve your goals.

4. a9 Web Protection: Parental Control Tool

a9 Web Protection: Parental Control Tool

a9 Web Protection comes with complete control over web content and protects yourself and your family from online threats with a simple and reliable solution. These free parental control Apps, brought to you by the creators of K9 Web Protection, offer a range of features to ensure a safe browsing experience.

From blocking adult content and malware to enforcing safe searches and checking for typos, this extension has got you covered.

It works seamlessly on Chrome, Chromebooks, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Parents can rest assured knowing their children are protected, while anyone can benefit from the powerful security measures in place. Trust a9 Web Protection for a safer internet experience.


Can I unblock websites once they are blocked on my Chromebook?

Yes, you can. Simply follow the same steps mentioned earlier and remove the websites from the blocked list.

Are there any free Chrome extensions for website blocking?

Yes, several free Chrome extensions, such as ‘Block Site,’ provide basic website-blocking features.

Can I set time limits for website usage on a Chromebook?

Yes, some parental control software allows you to set time limits for website usage, ensuring responsible internet usage.

Is it possible to block websites on a Chromebook without using an extension?

Yes, you can use the built-in site settings of the Chrome browser to block websites without any extensions.

Can I check the browsing history on a Chromebook after blocking websites?

Yes, you can review the browsing history on your Chromebook to ensure adherence to the website blocking rules.


Blocking websites on Chromebook is indeed possible and can be done in a couple of ways. The first method is by utilizing the Safe Search feature, which allows you to filter out explicit content and block certain websites. This is a great option for parents or educators who want to ensure a safe browsing experience for children.

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