ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 OLED VS Dell XPS 17 9720: Which is Better?

Regarding gaming laptops, Asus and Dell are the big names. So here we are comparing two very famous articles.

One by Asus and the other by Dell. Asus Zenbooks are pretty great for gaming and does Dell XPS. This high competition often muddles the buyer. And to clear this air of confusion, the only option is to read this review. So keep on reading.

Asus ZenBook Pro 15 OLED and Dell XPS 17 9720 comparison

We will discuss each feature and explain it in this section So you will better understand these gaming laptops.

Asus ZenBook Pro 15 OLEDDell XPS 17 9720
Display:1920 x 1080 pixels3840 x 2400 pixels
Operating System:Win 11 ProWin 11 Pro
Processor:AMD Ryzen 9 5900HXCore i9-12900HK
GPU:RTX 3050 TiRTX 3060
Battery Life:Up to 13 Hours Up to 11.6 Hours


How can we start without a CPU? A CPU would decide the power and capacity of a laptop. So, the Asus zenbook pro 15 OLED comes with an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX (16M Cache, 8 cores) processor. It is, so far, one of the most favorite processors for gamers.

Then there is the Dell XPS 17, which comes with the Core i9-12900HK. Even though it is a bit less competitive than the core i9, it will still work for you. Its turbo frequency is 5 GHz, which is also enough for gamers.

Overall, both these CPUs are great for gaming, but for professional gamers, the greater, the better. Those who wish to keep a check and stay ahead must go for a better CPU.


Can you even imagine a gaming laptop without a GPU? It is impossible to run high-quality games without graphic processing units. Earlier, people tended to connect a GPU to their PCs, but now thanks to gaming laptops, the GPU is integrated into the laptops already.

The Dell XPS 17 has a better GPU TRX 3060 than the Asus Zenbook Pro 15 OLED GeForce RTX 3050 Ti. The Dell XPS 17 GPU Has a Higher boost clock rate, memory, and cores, making it more suitable for Gaming and graphics work. However, it will consume more power.

On the other hand, the Asus Zenbook Pro 15 OLED GPU is Suitable for intermediate-level or beginner gamers and has lower energy consumption.


The random access memory of any gaming laptop is as important as the CPU. Otherwise, the gamer will be unable to play online games. In this respect, again, the Asus Zenbook pro 15 is 16GB, while the RAM of the Dell XPS 17 is 32 GB.

The ideal one for gaming will be 32GB if you want to plan for a longer gaming session. Then you must buy the Asus Zenbook pro. On the other hand, if you are looking for a pleasurable time gaming, then the 16 GB RAM will be okay. It depends on the user.

Ease of use

Now the question is, which laptop would be easier to use? The Asus zenbook pro 15 OLED would be a far better option than the Dell XPS 17. The former is lighter and has more ports than the Dell laptop.

So those who need to carry their device very often can rely on the Asus zenbook pro 15 OLED.

Screen size

For a gamer, screen size is also very important. Playing on extra-large screens might not be a great idea. Especially on a laptop, you need a screen between 15 to 17 inches.

The Dell XPS is a fine choice as it has a 17 inches screen, while the Asus zenbook pro 15 OLED has a 15.6 inches screen. It is also fine, but you can enjoy games better on a 17 inches screen.


The resolution would decide how much data the screen will display. It means that the higher the resolution, the better it would be.

The ideal resolution is FHD; anything lesser than that would affect the gaming experience. The big news is that the Asus zenbook pro 15 OLED comes with a 1920x1080p resolution. It is the FHD fine for any gaming session.

Next, the Dell XPS 17 comes with a 1600×900, an HD plus screen. It is fine for regular work, like business-related tasks, writing, and study.


Any laptop’s storage would make it a suitable device or a useless article. For gaming, one needs a higher storage size. Sometimes install various software, like emulators.

Moreover, if you are looking for a device for general use, there is also a high need for more storage. The ideal storage size would be more than 512GB.

Here with Asus zenbook pro comes with 1TB storage, while the dell XPS 17 comes with 500GB storage. Both are great for gaming, but when you think of a bigger plan, it will be essential to go for higher storage.

Battery life

When searching for gaming laptops, remember that they come with relatively short battery timing. So don’t panic when someone says a gaming laptop’s battery is only 5 hours.

The Asus zenbook pro 15 OLED comes with 13 hours of battery life, while the other article, Dell XPS 17, has 11.6 hours of battery life.

Asus zenbook pro duo or Dell XPS 17 9720; which is better?

Considering both these devices as gaming laptops, the ideal one will be the Dell XPS 17. But, when you intend to buy a laptop for general use, then both are great.

However, the Dell XPS 17 9720 is cheaper than the Asus zenbook pro 15 OLED. Those who cannot help but rely on some advanced specs must choose the Asus zenbook pro 15 OLED.


Is the Asus Zenbook pro worth it?

Its All depends on your needs and budget. The Asus Zenbook Pro 17 is a High-end Laptop with good performance, build Quality and Features such as a large high-resolution display and good audio. However, the cost of these features may not be worth it for everyone. Considering the Asus Zenbook Pro, Consider Your Budget and the specific features you need.

Can you upgrade RAM in Dell XPS 17?

Yes, you can upgrade the RAM and storage of the Dell XPS 17 laptop, but before you do, it’s best to check the laptop manual or visit the Dell official website for the exact RAM specifications and instructions.

Is the Dell XPS 17 good for gaming?

Yes, The Dell XPS 17 can be good for Gaming. It has a powerful processor, Sufficient RAM, and a beast GPU, making it capable of handling demanding and trending games.

Final verdict; which is good?

Firstly, it depends on the user. For regular use, both these laptops are great. If someone is only buying a laptop for gaming, then the Asus Zenbook pro duo will be the best option.

However, if we compare the RAM and storage only, both these devices are great, as one can upgrade the RAM and storage of Dell XPS 17.

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